How I use my “We’re Related” Application

How I use my “We’re Related App.

Russ Worthington posted a question in his “We’re Related” Facebook Closed Group, asking how we use our We’re Related app. I posted a quick answer.

Then I decided since I was working with a new hint from my app, I would record each step in a blog. It showed that the quick answer I gave Russ left a few steps out of how I use the application.

This is MY Own Way of Researching. You probably have your way.

My goal is to show one way to research those hints from the We’re Related app.  The same principles can be used for any hints you find.

My second goal is in honor of Women’s History Month, I plan to find one new female ancestor each week in March 2017.


  1. I add the people hints first to my Excel Spreadsheet Data, using Russ Worthington’s format.
    We're Related App
    We’re Related App

    2. I check my Main Ancestry Tree, to see if the people are there.

    Ancestry Fowler Search
    Ancestry Fowler Search

    3. I continue searching until I find the generation in my tree. No “Ring” Surname, then checked Colby. I do have a Judith Colby the mother of John Collins in my Ancestry Family Tree.
    4. Using the information from the We’re Related Application on Ancestry’s search

    Ancestry Search Bar
    Ancestry Search Bar
    Ancestry Search page
    Ancestry Search page
    Judith Colby results
    Judith Colby results

    5. I NOW have 153 hints to research

    6. I do the same filter search in Family Serach

    Judith Colby Family Search Results
    7. It yielded only a Family Tree, no records. I do not search Family trees, unless I hit a brick wall. Thia prevents ME from becoming lazy in my OWN research.


    8. I compare my person, Judith Colby, with my Ancestry Tree information I already researched. I also check my shoebox for any save records that may be for Judith Colby. I did have one for birth for a Judith born of Judith and Er Colby on 7 Oct 1764. I also had save to Judith a Find A Grave Record with the same birth date.

9. I DO NOT add this birth record to my tree. The other hints from my Ancestry search need to be evaluated for location, and possible parentage of Judith.

10. I will go to the next generation, Judith Ring and do the same research I did for Judith Colby.

11. I will research, town histories, deeds, [no censuses for this time frame will give me names of the household members,] marriage records and death records. This is just a few of the records I research and compare, before adding Judith Colby’s parents.

Source information:

  1. Ancestry We’re Related App, (accessed 3 Mar 2017) via IPhone
  2. Ancestry, Stearns Butka Family Tree (accessed 3 Mar 2017)
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#31daygen Week #1- You Can Teach an Old Dog a New Trick


#31daysgen week one has been a challenge and a great learning experience. Check out my day Facebook post from my first week of Amy Johnson Crows 31 Days of Genealogy for October 2015.

#‎31daysgen Day 1

Today I’m starting Amy Johnson Crow‘s 31 Days to Better Genealogy Day 1

Short Term Goals- Create an Excel timeline; Finish Isaac Stearns Genealogy Book Citations (Delayed due to illness.) 3 Day Target Date

Long Term Goal- Review Isaac Stearns Genealogy Book once more before sending to all my Beta Readers. (Delayed due to illness.) 2 weeks Target Date

‪#‎31daysgen Day 2

I delayed posting my second days prompt. It involved a time line. I spent time creating a blank timeline. I still wasn’t happy with it.

I have timelines already in my genealogy software FTM2014 and Legacy. I’m more familiar with FTM since I have been using it since 2002 with a recent 2014 upgrade. I use Legacy for Josh’s family and started using it in January when I began Thomas MacEntee Genealogy Do-Over.

My question to myself is why and I trying to learn something new when I have something that already works for me, that I am comfortable with?

Why indeed. Here are my two time lines. The blank one I created and the FTM2014 for Isaac Stearns.

Blank Excel Timeline
Blank Excel Timeline
FTM2014 Timeline
FTM2014 Timeline

‪#‎31daysgen Day 3 to do list includes:

Day 3 to do list includes:

  1. Continue working on Isaac Stearns timeline and

2 Annual town inventory records or tax records for Isaac Stearns i what I will use instead of the “Census record” prompt suggested.

Census records did not start officially until 1790, long after Isaac’s time

Annual records comparing Massachusetts Bay Colony towns. Watertown Massachusetts Records Vol I page 983, show that Watertown, Massachusetts was taxed higher than most surrounding towns.

Watertown tax rates
Watertown tax rates

‪#‎31daysgen Day 4

Our prompt is church records. I have many church records in my family tree. We have a very diverse religious foundation.

My husband’s side is primarily Catholic;

My Dad’s side in Protestant, yet not just one type, Methodist, Baptist, Congregationalist, Unitarians;

My Mom’s side is basically Baptist even that runs for Free Will to Southern Baptist.

As I look back into my distant ancestors and current relatives- I notice, Jewish, Mormon, Seven Day Advent, Quakers, Puritans, Native American beliefs, Celtic beliefs, Wicca and no belief at all.

My point is DON’T RULE OUT a different religion when you are researching your ancestors. See what churches are located in the town or sister town of your ancestors. Review all records, you may be surprised with what you find. I was, especially in the colonial days when my ancestors came over with a church group and suddenly they were following someone else or remove from the Bay Colony for practicing something other than the accepted church beliefs.

‪#‎31daysgen Day 5 Today’s prompt was a familiar one to me, Family Search Wiki.

I will research this on another day. I decided to continue working on prompt #2-Timelines. I am reviewing my Isaac Stearns timeline to use in my book about him and his descendants.

I found many events for Isaac that I had not put a date on. I am adding those events to his timeline with the correct date, whenever possible, along with the source citation.

It seems each day that I think I’m getting close to sending my book off to my Beta readers, I find something to add.

I’m I delaying the process or actually improving the book. I’m not sure. I am anxious about sending the book on to be reviewed. Yet I feel there is more of Isaac’s story that needs to be told.

My goal is to have it off to my readers by Columbus Day. NO MORE DELAYS!!!

The map below is of the original land allotments to Watertown, Massachusetts as seen on Wikipedia,…/File:Henry_Bond_map_of_Wate…

Watertown 1649
Watertown 1649

‪#‎31daysgen Day 6

Our prompt today was to interview a relative or record you own story. It reminded me of my week 2 Genealogy Do Over with Thomas MacEntee. I am re-posting my January 2015 Blogpost of my self-interview/obituary.

I am still trying to connect with my Aunt Bea for another, hopefully, taped interview of my mothers’ family. Aunt Bea married my mother’s brother. She is the only one of that generation left in my family on both side.

I’m a little presumptuous in my obit.

I got side tracked with BSO’s (Bright shiny Object’s) from another ancestor’s census sheets. I will get back to Isaac soon. I’m glad I did a little census search for Ezekiel Knowlton. I found some of his children including the one that proved my aunt’s story about being related to Moses Trussell who first broke ground for New London, New Hampshire. He married Sarah Knowlton daughter of Ezekiel Knowlton and Elizabeth Woodbury. I love proving the family stories I heard. She was a cousin line, but still related. Happy Dance.

‪#‎31daysgen Day 7 prompt was search the area.

When I search the area I start with reviewing each page of the census to find out who are the friends, associates and neighbors.

When you find another family member who you know should be on the census and was unable to find in previous searches is a plus.

Tip as to why they didn’t show up-hold the mouse over the name. The photo here show my 3rd gig grandfather as Augustine Rowell.

All the surnames on this page of the census listed everyone under the surname of the first person listed on the page.

Browse the census, not just google search the index. You may just be surprised by what you find.

I made a note of correction to Ancestry, it then allowed me to add Augustus and his family under their own surname.

Augustus Stearns rather than Augustin Rowell
Correction due to an error in transcription.
All person listed on this page are given the surname Rowell. That was the first person listed on the page. You will find many other surnames when you browse the page.
Submitted by:
June Butka on 10/9/2015

1880 Sutton New Hampshire Census clip
1880 Sutton New Hampshire Census clip


1880 U.S. census, Merrimack County, New Hampshire, population schedule, Sutton, Enumeration District 203, p. 3 (penned), dwelling 27, family 30, Augustus Stearns: digital images, Ancestry ( accessed (09 Oct 2015); from National Archives microfilm publication 1254767  roll 767, image 0167.

2015 New England Geneablogger Bash

Manchester By The Sea


This beautiful cove greeted my niece Abby Junkins and myself as we near or day’s destination. The 2015 Geneablogger Bash hosted by Elizabeth Pyle Handler and Steven Handier.

Heather Rojo Wilkinson’ Blog Nutfield Genealogy 12 Sept 2015, provides a group photo of those in attendance:

Russ Worthington- Family Tree Maker User, Erica Voolich- Erica’s Adventure in Genealogy, Barbara Matthews- The Demanding Genealogist, Elizabeth Pyle Handler- From Kentucky to Maine, Pam Carter- My Maine Ancestry, Diane MacLean Boumenot- One Rhode Island Family, Pam Seavey Schaffner- Digging Down East, June Stearns Butka- New England Roots

Also in attendance was Elizabeth’s husband, Steven Handler and my niece Abby Junkin’s (my ride and photographer of the day.) We missed those who were unable to attend.

We participated in a pot luck meal of New Jersey Cooler Corn,Rhode Island Pastries, , Maine Red Snapper Hot Dogs, Homemade Boston Baked Beans, just to mention a few dishes of the day.

Boston Baked Beans


Conversations about blogging, books, possible cousin connections and plans for future endeavors were happily creating memories for future blogs, while watching the active harbor of kayaks, sail boats, motor boats and listening for the train that stops a short distance away in West Manchester.

Thank you all for the great past and present memories shared.

A stately greeting
A stately greeting








Genealogy Do-Over: Having FUN with it
Thomas MacEntee GeneaBlogger

My preparation the past two days for Genealogy Do-Over included working with my new toy that was posted here a few days back. The Jumbl 126KPK Scanner. I was pleased with the photos scanned from negatives and slides. The photos scanned from the 8mm was easy to work with but the quality was very blurry. My husband reminded me that we are taking a snap shot of moving pictures (8 frames equals’ one picture.) The emotions came through but not clarity. I wish there had been a reel to add the film to as I was scanning the images. Overall a good purchase to aid in gathering those memories to fill in your genealogy research when you begin.

A Father's Love
A Father’s Love : 8mm Scan

A father’s love for his new born daughter and first child just exudes from this blurry photo. Circa 1978

Draftsman: Slide Scan

How people did drafting before computers came along. Circa 1978

Cross Country Meet
Cross Country Meet: Negative Scan

Cross Country Meet Manchester, New Hampshire. Circa 1994

These three photos will be used in telling the story of my family when I return to my research. I will have more than just the facts. I will have a taste of their lives to add to the “Story that is Us.”

Yesterday I spent my day preparing by watching Beginning Genealogy with Dear Myrtle and Cousin Russ, Webinar Wednesday with Geoff Rasmussen at Legacy Family Tree Webinars and Wacky Wednesday with Dear Myrtle on how to create a Blog Graphic.

Watching the Hangouts on air and Webinars follows along with my ongoing preparation and goal to continue my Education in Genealogy. Keeping myself up to date aids in streamlining the research process. The time spent watching comes back tenfold with organization and research knowledge learned from our genealogy family.

Beginning Genealogy Graphics
Beginning Genealogy Graphics

Beginning Genealogy with Dear Myrtle and Cousin Russ

Promo Graphics
Promo Graphics

Wacky Wednesday Promo Graphics: How does Ol’ Myrt design them.

Genealogy Gems Podcast
Genealogy Gems Podcast Graphics

Genealogy Gems podcast

Lisa Louise cook was the presenter for Legacy Family Tree Webinars providing us with her vast knowledge in IPad and Tablet use in genealogy.

Legacy Family Tree Graphics
Legacy Family Tree Graphics

Legacy Family Tree Webinars 

Geoff Rasmussen hosted Lisa Louise Cooke on Wednesday with “Genealogy on the Go with iPads and Tablets

I have provided links for the above presentations in hopes that you will take the time to watch them, maybe even learn more than I did. Even if you are not a beginner, one can always learn new things by the informal conversation during Dear Myrtle’s Hangout on Air. I know I did. You can even post your own two cents worth in her Genealogy Community under the presentation, so the newbies can learn from you.

First week goals:

  1. Set aside Previous Research
  2. Preparing to Research
  3. Establishing Practices and Guidelines

Goals met the past two days:

  1. Organization
  2. Education
  3. Stayed Focused
  4. Established some new Guidelines and Practices
  5. Resolved unexpected issues with as minimal stress as was possible
  6. Most importantly, I had FUN doing my genealogy Do-Over Preparations.