Happy 38th Anniversary Michael Daniel Butka


Today I celebrate thirty eight years with the love of my life and heart, Michael Daniel Butka. This post concentrates our first year together.

Butka Stearns 1977-1978

This is a page from the scrapbook I created for my husband to celebrate our first twenty five years together. This one page is power packed with memories.

It tells the story in pictures of our first year together. I blogged previously about how we met.

Top photos above the “film strip”are:

The first Apartment we lived in as a couple, 44 Center Grove Road, Randolph, New Jersey. [We did share an apartment in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with his roommate from April to June 1978, Michael moved to this apartment in June while I stayed with a friend on Pease Air Force Base until I graduated from New Hampshire vocational Technical School Practical Nurse program in August.]

Our first Christmas Tree purchased on the way home after spending our first Thanksgiving together with his family in Milford, Connecticut.

The “film strip photos include:

Starting at the top- Taking our vows with the Justice of the Peace in Kittery, Maine, 29 April 1978;

Michael’s family- father, Daniel Zigmund Butka (1928-1987); June Stearns Butka, Michael Daniel Butka; brother, Stephen Paul Butka (1958-2001,) sitting brother-in-law, Daniel DellaGioia and sister, Danielle Marie Butka DellaGioa. Michael’s mother, Loretta Dula Butka was unable to attend. She was caring for her ill mother, Francis Kotch Dula (1909-1986.) Photo taken by my father, Nelson William Stearns (1930-1988.) Photo taken at Sagamore Court Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

My family- June Stearns Butka, Nelson William Stearns (1930-1988) and Shirley Beatrice Pease Stearns (1935-2001.) Photo taken by my husband, Michael Daniel Butka on our wedding day at our Sagamore Court apartment.

Blank film strip was in the middle separating our wedding photos from our graduation photos from college.

Michael Daniel Butka graduation photo from New Hampshire Vocational College Technical School Drafting Program.

June Stearns Butka graduation program from New Hampshire Vocational College Technical School Practical Nursing Program.

The bottom photo is Atlantic City, where I took my Nursing State Board Exam.

Our first year together was amazing and eventful. We met in the fall of 1977 at a yearbook committee meeting. Started dating 23 Jan 1978. Married 29 April 1978. Graduated officially June 1978 [I stayed until August 1978 doing my community nursing internship at Pease Air Force base hospital.] We honeymooned in New York City and New Jersey while Michael was interviewing for a job at Bell Lab’s, Whippany, New Jersey. Michael moved first in June and I followed in August to 44 Center Grove Road, Randolph, New Jersey. We started our new jobs, Michael at Bell Labs Whippany in June and I started working in August for Dover General Hospital, Dover, New Jersey as an Floating Nurse until I passed my stated boards. I took my State boards in October and knew the result the week before Christmas. It was a very Happy Christmas, that year. Early in 1978 we found out we were pregnant with our first child [I had a miscarriage in early fall of 1977- in my first trimester.]

Our first year together was a roller coaster of life events, adjustment, lows and highs that provided a strong base, as a couple, for the years to come. Our love, respect, communication and support of each other in the good and bad times has never faulted.

I dedicated this post to the love of my life and heart, Michael Daniel Butka. Happy 38th Anniversary, Mike. I look forward to each and every day we have together. May there be many more years to share.

Love and Hugs,

Your loving wife, June.







Down For the Count Day: Photos from the past


Today is a day of total rest. I hope you enjoy these photos from 2010 “I Love It Here” photo challenge from VisitNH  from Portsmouth and Manchester New Hampshire. Michael D Butka and June L Stearns Butka travels to find that special photo that captures a little tidbit of why we love new Hampshire.

DSC05597 DSC05687 DSC05280 DSC05406 DSC05505 DSC05528

Genealogy Do-Over Week #1: Flashback to 1978 Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Genealogy Do-Over I am ready
Genealogy Do-Over I am ready

# Genealogy Do-Over and #52ancestor52weeks

Portsmouth Herald Time 6 June 1978 Student News Page

33rd Commencement NH Vocational Technical College
33rd Commencement NH Vocational Technical College
Michael D Butka
Michael D Butka
June Stearns Butka
June Stearns Butka

The New Hampshire Vocational Technical  College in Portsmouth, New Hampshire is no longer located on Greenleaf Ave or for that matter even known by that name. It moved to Stratham on Route 33 for a few years. It is now known as Greater Community College and house at Pease Tradeport in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

So, why I’m I flashing back to 1978? It gives me two important dates in my life regarding my “ancestors” in one blog.  Technically not ancestors because it is about me. I decided that I would start my Genealogy Do-Over with myself. If you remember in my previous blog one of my goals for the Do-Over was to include the first five generations challenge from Dear Myrtle and Amy Johnson’s 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks. I will not begin any research until Thomas MacEntee has instructed. I will start with what I know, record my first hand knowledge to the best of my ability using at least one record in my current file to support my statement. The citations, full story, notations and documents will be in my Family Tree Database at the apporiate time.

This is my approach to organizing myself and following along with Thomas’ Genealogy Do-Over.

Week #1: Know your facts. (The story is my facts)

  1. Set aside Previous Research
  2. Preparing to Research
  3. Establishing Practices and Guidelines.

This story provides the base for future research while not yet researching each person. It allows me to prepare for the first two genrations by naming primary people to research later. It helps me slow down and pace myself for establishing practices and guidelines to follow. I will gather photographs for each person and scan them as I prepare for research. I have a checklist of sources that will be used for each individual in my database.

That checklist needs to be completed before moving on to the next person to the best of my ability, when a source is not available a notation for later research is made, this tells me I made a search for the record, but at the date noted I was unable to find it or it was ordered or a research trip is required to retrieve the information. In otherwords I LOOKED for the documentation. At this time I use Annette D Towler’s Genealogy Research Log List as my guideline. I’m sure this will be updated or maybe even replaced with one that Thomas may suggest. My checklist includes both paper, and online resources to review.

My story begins in  September of the year 1977 when I started nursing school and met my future husband. The joining of two people into one family began with a game of Fuzz Ball and the interest of the yearbook committee for our school where I met Michael D Butka and he met June Lee Stearns instead of the other nursing student, Sandy  he thought he might like when joining the yearbook committee.  Both became graduates of the 33rd commencement at for New Hampshire Vocational Technical College,  Portsmouth location.  Michael graduated with a degree in Mechanical Drafting and I with a diploma in Practical Nursing.

The year 1978 was also the year that I married Michael on 29 April in Kittery, Maine with our immediate family members present at the Justice of the Peace, followed by a potluck at our home on Sagamore Court, Portsmouth New Hampshire. Our attendants were my sister, Marjorie Rae Stearns Stevenson and Michael’s brother, Stephen Paul Butka.  Our family members included: Michael’s father, Daniel Zigmund Butka, his brother, Stephen’s wife Lorrie Warren Butka and his sister Danielle Marie Butka Della Gioia and her husband Daniel Della Gioia. It was with great saddnes that his mother, Loretta Jane Dula Butka, was unable to attend. She was at her mother, Frances Kotch Dula’s, sick bed in Pennsylvania along with our prayers. My side included: my parents Nelson William Stearns, Shirley Beatrice Pease Stearns, my sisters Marjorie her husband Craig Samuel Stevenson, Eleanor Ann Stearns, Susan Ruth Stearns and my brother Nelson Neal Stearns. My sister Vickie Mae Stearns Levesque was unable to attend, she was living at the Ft Lee Army Base, Fort Lee, Virginia  with her husband, David Paul Levesque and infant daughter of 4 months, Jennifer Ann Levesque. FYI Michael and his siblings all were married within a six month period of  time Stephen September 1977, Danielle April 1978. June (April) and her sister Marjorie (Feburary) were both married in 1978.

When I look at my marriage license, cards, and photographs from 1978, I will enter each fact into my genealogy program with proper citations. Today’s excerise is for providing a base to jumpstart my future research. Just in this small story you will find muyltiple facts to growth on for both research and  52 Ancestors.

Michael’s Family Members; Total: 8 people

Michael Danile Butka

His parents: Daniel Zigmund Butka and Loretta Jane Dula Butka

Siblings: Stephen Paul Butka and Daniell Marie Butka Della Gioia  and their spouse- Lorrie Warren Butka and Daniel Della Gioia

His grandmother Frances Kotch Dula

June’s Family Members: Total: 10

June Lee Stearns

Her parents Nelson William Stearns and Shirley Beatrice Pease

Siblings: Vickie Mae Stearns Junkins, Marjorie Rae Stearns Stevenson their spouses David Paul Levesque and Craig Samuel Stevenson, more siblings Eleanor Ann Stearns, Susan Ruth Stearns and Nelson Neal Stearns

A grand total of 18 people for future research and my first 18 of 52 ancestors. These 18 people bring me past the 13 weeks of The Genealogy Do-Over and will be my first when starting my research again. Most information will be kept private for those that are still living. I will use the Genealogy Proof Standard, asking the questions: who, what, when, where is, where in, why, set the goal question/s to answer them and make my citation/s for all information before I proceed to the next question or source.

My genealogy toolbox will be rebuilt and added to over the next 13 weeks and beyond, as needed.

Genealogy Do-Over, I await your next prompt.