First Four Generations of the Stearns/Pease Family Update


Wow! I’m feeling very empowered right now. Maybe I shouldn’t be.  My new lighted, large print keyboard is installed and working like a charm. I just looked at Finally Get organized! 7th-13th Feb 2016 checklist. I know that the first four generations do not have any hastily added people. I can’t say that for all my generations, I’m human after all. In my first four generations I can say that maybe I error too much on the side of caution. I rather not enter a person to my tree until I feel confident by the Genealogy Proof Standards (GPS) that they belong there. [The reason for 46 individual trees (only one or two people in each,) they are waiting for approval from me to be added.]

The reason I feel empowered is because I already began working on the weak areas in my first four generations. I’m adding daily to my “To-Do” list using RootsMagic. Why RootsMagic? It is a new program to me. I can start fresh with my research data entry, thus verifying my previous research, finding areas that need strengthening and learning to better cite my sources. My goal is to continue following the GPS standards and Elizabeth Shown Mills Evidence Explained citation format.

My goals this week:

  1. Continue reviewing the 1st four generation records (ongoing)
  2. Adding the areas of need to the person’s Research Log “To-Do list”
  3. Re-watch Dear Myrtle’s Hangout on Air What Does She Say? Study Groups from 2015 [goals 3 &4]
  4. What Does She Say? Study Group – 14 Aug 2015 Fundamentals of Analysis (120 minutes)
  5. What Does She Say? Study Group – 21 Aug 2015 Fundamentals of Analysis (cont.) (90 minutes)
  6. Continue scanning and adding photos to my genealogy photo album for the 1st four generations
  7. Verify the siblings for the first four generations (ongoing)
  8. Indexing on Family Search Indexing at least one document daily

My To-Do List I started on my father, Nelson William Stearns [I forgot about this online tree-more research needed there] last week:

Research log Nelson W Stearns To Do List

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