New England Travels Slide Show


Thank your Dear Myrtle. Your Mondays with Myrt 29 Feb 2016  demonstration on embedding a video into your blog, was easy to follow.

I made the attempt with this video from my travels around New England. I made this video before for my “Where in the State is Mom” website. [Comcast closed all the websites they supported last year.] There is music to accompany the photographs

You will see photographs of different types; my museum trips, cemetery, town halls, historical houses, churches, statues, main streets, back roads, tourist locations, gardens, bridges, scenic views and my friends from Texas and Australia. There is even a photograph of my daughter’s law school graduation included.

It was a special time sharing my beloved region with family and friends over the years. May this small piece of my collection bring you enjoyment.

My goal is to video story tidbits of my life and that of my ancestors.


“DearMyrtle’s Mondays with Myrt (29 Feb 2016); (accessed 29 Feb 2016), embedded video demonstration.


Mondays and Genealogy News go Hand and Hand


DearMyrtle Mondays with Myrt

Genealogy news is always fun with Mondays with Myrt. I receive e-mails with updates from the societies and organization I’m members of. Facebook pages also provide updates. However, the way Facebook, life and time merge or don’t merge at times it is good to have an open concept like Dear Myrtle’s Monday’s with Myrt to keep us up to date. I love hearing other people’s opinions of the updates from the past week. I don’t always agree with the opinions. The opinions do give me a challenge to my thought process, to open up the conversation and open my mind to new concepts.

My goals today:

  1. Watch Mondays with Myrt
  2. Keep an open mind to new concepts
  3. Work on my first four generation family tree weak areas (I already added to city directory sources to my father and mother’s profile)
  4. Continue getting organized the best way I can
  5. Stay on track or at least try not to follow the Bright Shiny Objects


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Disk Clean Up Time: Out of My Comfort Zone


RootsMagic export GEDCOM

Part of staying organized is making sure your computer is up-to-date, remove excess files, or as they say Data Clean. I worked only with my FTM2014 and Roots Magic Backups files for today’s exercise in clean-up. I decided to down load my very first Family Tree Backup/GEDCOM from 2012 and my RootsMagic to a DVD, download a current GEDCOM from both FTM2014 and RootsMagic to my G: drive. This verifies that my current backups are not corrupted. I watched the RootsMagic webinar #6 “Working with Files and Folders in RootsMagic” for instructions on RootsMagic. The FTM2014 worked the same way. I backed up my Legacy program also. It looks like this is the second time I backed it up, interesting. I will leave that for another days learning.

FTM2014 Export GEDCOM

The Legacy GEDCOM looks a little out of my current comfort zone. Time to learn before doing. This Bright Shiny Object ( B.S.O.), I will not follow, today.

Legacy export GEDCOM


After copying the backups for FTM2014 and RootsMagic to DVD and the most recent to G: drive, I deleted them from the C: drive. The most recent two backups for each were left on the C: drive. I’m not a computer whiz by any chance of the imagination. I’m happy to report that both my FTM2014 and my RootsMagic programs are working fine. Happy Dance there. It was a jump out of my comfort zone to do this on my own.

The C: drive changed from 205 GB used/26.7 GB Free to 111 GB used/121 GB Free.

C Drive used_free space 14 Feb 2016


I did this by watching and re-watching the webinars, stopping them mid way as needed and proceeded with success to clean up some much needed space on my C: drive without ruining either of my programs. A big step for me.

Now back to working on my first four generations checklist from Dear Myrtle’s “Finally Get Organized”. I found some great photographs and new (actually old) documents to transcribe to my Dad, Nelson William Stearns. I have made my “To-Do” list for the first four generations on both my father’s and mother’s side.


My goal today is to transfer those photos and documents to the surname folder for each person. That will keep the link for them in one place when I upload them to my tree program. Most are scattered in different family photo folders from the year taken or obtained, in research folders both paper and digital. I will have digital copies of all files I will be adding to my family tree program.

Tomorrow’s goal is to put my FTM2014 GEDCOM into my RootsMagic program and compare what I have side by side. I will determine which program is more up-to-date, I will do the same with my Legacy GEDCOM. Once I have reviewed them against each other and work with them, I will decided what program I will use going forward.  The big question is, will I keep them all current for different reasons or go down to one program. The big down side to keeping all three is keeping them all up-to-date.

I think the bottom line will be what will be the easiest for my non-genealogy family members to use when the time comes for me to pass on the program. I will always have my Microsoft Word program up-to-date. It is where I work from before adding anything to the family tree programs.


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First Four Generations of the Stearns/Pease Family Update


Wow! I’m feeling very empowered right now. Maybe I shouldn’t be.  My new lighted, large print keyboard is installed and working like a charm. I just looked at Finally Get organized! 7th-13th Feb 2016 checklist. I know that the first four generations do not have any hastily added people. I can’t say that for all my generations, I’m human after all. In my first four generations I can say that maybe I error too much on the side of caution. I rather not enter a person to my tree until I feel confident by the Genealogy Proof Standards (GPS) that they belong there. [The reason for 46 individual trees (only one or two people in each,) they are waiting for approval from me to be added.]

The reason I feel empowered is because I already began working on the weak areas in my first four generations. I’m adding daily to my “To-Do” list using RootsMagic. Why RootsMagic? It is a new program to me. I can start fresh with my research data entry, thus verifying my previous research, finding areas that need strengthening and learning to better cite my sources. My goal is to continue following the GPS standards and Elizabeth Shown Mills Evidence Explained citation format.

My goals this week:

  1. Continue reviewing the 1st four generation records (ongoing)
  2. Adding the areas of need to the person’s Research Log “To-Do list”
  3. Re-watch Dear Myrtle’s Hangout on Air What Does She Say? Study Groups from 2015 [goals 3 &4]
  4. What Does She Say? Study Group – 14 Aug 2015 Fundamentals of Analysis (120 minutes)
  5. What Does She Say? Study Group – 21 Aug 2015 Fundamentals of Analysis (cont.) (90 minutes)
  6. Continue scanning and adding photos to my genealogy photo album for the 1st four generations
  7. Verify the siblings for the first four generations (ongoing)
  8. Indexing on Family Search Indexing at least one document daily

My To-Do List I started on my father, Nelson William Stearns [I forgot about this online tree-more research needed there] last week:

Research log Nelson W Stearns To Do List

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Data Clean Names: Finally Getting Organized


Data Clean Names; Getting Organized

Data Clean Direct Ancestor Names
Data Clean Direct Ancestor Names

Yes, today is a day of rest. A genealogist never has a total day off if they want to continue researching and organizing their data. My day of rest is not spending more than 1-2 hours spread out over the day on my family genealogy.

Today I will continue data cleaning my RootsMagic Family Tree. I spoke yesterday about Data Cleaning Places, today it will the start the Names Data Clean with my direct ancestors. This breaks the task down to a manageable work load. (Remember I told you the importance of pacing yourself. It will be there later. Genealogy should be fun, informative and for me a passion I enjoy.)

Today’s goal:

  1. Write Blog Post (a daily goal)
  2. Direct ancestor name data clean
  3. One person index on Family Search (a daily goal)
  4. Enjoy the day with Family and Friends or in this case cuddling with Ninja Buddy. My family all have the Stomach Bug going around. Mike is working. Ninja Buddy and I will watch videos/webinars and enjoy the day together. Maybe even take a walk mid-day to see the glistening snow banks, in the 40 degree sunshine predicted here in Merrimack, Hillsborough, New Hampshire.


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Data Clean-Places: Finally Getting Organized


Data Cleaning your family tree program is a must to keep yourself organized. If you do a monthly data clean on your tree, it will help reduce duplication as you proceed. It will also pace your clean up of your older tree, as you work forward. I know that my, FTM2014 and Legacy, still have clean up needs from when I first started putting information into them. I was overwhelmed with the repairs that were needed. Pacing myself makes it manageable. Choosing one type of Data clean at a time.

Doing the first five generations with last years Genealogy Challenge from DearMyrtle’s and Thomas MacEntee’s Genealogy Do-Over/Go-Over, helped me learn the importance of starting from my root person, me, and working with my known family members first, moving on to lesser known families members gave me the confidence to pace myself. I will always find new information on my ancestors. I will add that information, to the best of my abilities, into my research excel to-do list with proper citation, links and notes, so that when the time comes to add them to my family tree program of choice, it will be the most accurate. Doing the monthly Data Clean, reminds me of the importance of recording correctly in my To-Do list. It will also limit the number of tree in my database. I should not be adding people to my database until I know their family relationship. I will have the information at my fingertips when needed.

Dear Myrtle may not have mentioned this in her getting organized blog, YET, I’m sure she will for whatever family tree program you have. I have down it for my other two programs; FTM2014 and Legacy. I just uploaded my “My Heritage” family tree GEDCOM to my Roots Magic tree. I have been working on this tree, so I felt confident it was fairly accurate in its files.  When I did the Data Clean overview, as per the webinar instructions, I found my Place names were not that bad. A good place to start.

However, missing information Data clean will be a challenge that will take several days, if not weeks or years to resolve.  Many are unknown surnames for the wife, date of birth, date of death and/or marriage/divorce. I knew my distant generations were missing information, but 23 pages of missing information surprised me. What also surprised me was that I have 46 trees in my database. I thought I only had one tree. When I saw 46 I was in shock. Then I thought about it. I have several people I found that I believe are related but was not sure how. Each person is not linked in my tree, but are in my database. It make sense why I have 43 trees, most with 1 – 5 people (a family.)

Data Clean-Places: Finally Getting Organized

Places Data Clean
Places Data Clean

I decided while waiting for RootsTech 2016 to restart the afternoon Live streaming I would check my RootsMagic program place names for errors.

I watch the Cleaning Your Family Tree in RootsMagic webinar #7 previously. I started with the Data Clean drop down menu under tools. I had 53 Place problems. [Sorry no photo.] I corrected the places; mostly were missing United States, had an extra punctuation marks, and the Street Address was not in the description.  I did have a few with duplicate county entries (Hillsborough and Merrimack Counties for the same location.) I noted the time period for that record added the current county it is listed by and placed the Historical/Parent County in the description box. I pressed clean places, closed out when it was done and finally re-did the Data Clean search for places. I did a, Happy Dance, when the screen popped up without problems.

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Day 36 of 365 Days of June: Thank You Genealogy Peers


Indexing: A New Batch to Start

Here are the links of my Blog Posts that I created for this project. When I review my post, it seems like my thought process is a little scattered. May it is. My goals in writing about my family history research included; my approach to research, capturing family traditions, memories and stories, getting my research organized for future generations, the importance of finding the first four generations medical history and giving back to the genealogy community. How I plan my week is divided into daily goals.

  1. Each day of the week is set aside for eight grandparents lineage [at least one new member updated daily per grandparent line.]
  2. I save Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays for Webinars and indexing [for Family Search or Find-A-Grave] in addition to the daily family additions.
  3. Some weeks I stay on track better than others. Life and family time comes first.
  4. A day of Rest usually means I complete the daily family addition, scan or organize my digital photos [1-2 hours spread out over the day.] There are some days that nothing gets done. Don’t fret about it. It will be there when you get back to it.
  5. Finally Getting Organized with DearMyrtle

Most of my work periods are set to 15 minute intervals [you can get a lot done in that time.] My blog post usually take about an hour, sometimes more if verifying information. The hardest part for me, still remains the proper citation for sources. I lean toward using the links available in my blog post saving the proper citations for my family tree program. It is an ongoing challenge and process of updating to Elizabeth Shown Mills, Evidence Explained citation format. I began my research in the mid 1970’s with the college style citations. At least I was citing my sources back then or it would be even more difficult to cite the sources now.

I hope my overview of my approach is helpful to newbies to genealogy. I know that the support of people like DearMyrtle, Cousin Russ, Thomas MacEntee, Lisa Alzo, Geoff Rasmussen, Lisa Louise Cooke, the,, Legacy, RootsMagic teams, my Geneablogger Peers, along with many others in the genealogy world, provided and continue to provide that support to me.

I want to give a special shout out to Heather Wilkinson Rojo  of NutfieldGenealogy  for warmly welcoming me to the Special Interest Group of Geneabloogers at my first New England Genealogy Conference  [2011] in Manchester, New Hampshire. I met so many interesting genealogy peers that night. I started my first blog about genealogy with their encouragement. I learned so much about researching on-line, citing source the genealogy way, and that I wasn’t alone in my passion of genealogy.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support over the years.

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