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Purple symbolizes:Creativity. Wisdom. Power. Luxury. Royalty. Nobility. Wealth. Extravagance. Dignity. Grandeur. Devotion. Peace. Pride. Mystery. Independence. Magic.


Purple is a very impactful color. Use it wisely for the most postive rsults. Caution is your choices and utilization of those symbols. I choose the, to me, the most positive symols of Creativity and wisdom. You go forth and make you choice.

Morning World

Morning World – Remember Those Who Gave the Supreme Sacrifice for Our Country!

Edwin N. Pratt is one of those brave men and women. His tombstone inscription tells the story.

Edwin N. Pratt

Edwin N. Pratt

A veteran volunteer in Co. H. 1st Me. Heavy Artillery

Died at Fort Simmons Washington D.C.

May 2, 1864,

AE. 19 yrs. 4 mos.

Son of Roswell B. & Cynthia Pratt.

The morning came but the angel of death

Had passed o’er the camp and they found him

Asleep like a Christian warrior at rest,

With the ambers of warfare around him.

Parsons Cemetery: Dover-Foxcroft, Maine