Tombstone Tuesday- Elizabeth Quimby

Elizabeth Quimbey died March 17. 1826. in the 60. years of her age.

Go home my friend.

Dry your tears,

I must lie here

Till Christ appears.

Elizabeth Quimby was my 5th great-aunt.

Elizabeth Quimby born 4 Jul 1757 Kingston, Rockingham County, New Hampshire To Moses Quimby (1713-1797) and Judah/Judith Bean (1732-1817.)


Source:, “New Hampshire, Birth Records, 1659-1900,” database, 1997-2017 : accessed 9 Oct 2017, entry for Elizabeth Quimby, 20:1 exposure setting 11-12filmstrip image 516 of 5096 .

2. Butka June photographer, Tombstone Elizabeth Quimby, Sutton Mills Cemetery, Sutton Merrimack, New Hampshire, September 5 2012, privately held by June Stearns Butka, (Address for Private use,) Merrimack, New Hampshire, 2017, aka Old Meetinghouse Cemetery.


Johann Lawyer-The Immigrant

Johann Lawyer-the Immigrant

The History of Herkimer County, New York mentions the early immigrants as “German Palatines”, which were driven out of their home by religious persecution. They first went to London, then to America. The term “”German Palatinate” was used to describe the large second and third immigration to America (late 1600’-early 1700’s). A large part of the later immigration were from Southwestern Germany, Alsace and the Netherlands.

The thirty Year War under King Louis XIV, created cruel living conditions for these long suffering people. Yet, when they arrived to America the conditions were not different. Many were put into apprenticeships almost like slavery under the Colonial Governor. These dissolute, uneducated people decided to remove themselves to Schohaire Valley in New York. Finally life began to improve for them.

The Herkimer County, New York history goes on to mention that almost all the original settlers of Stone Arabia (,_New_York) , came over in 1710 from Germany known as Duchy of Hesse-Nassau.

Johann Lawyer, along with John Christian Gerlach, William York, Johann and Hendrick Frey and Godfrey DeWulven petitioned for a tract of land that included a meadow and woods in Mohacks Country, between the Cayadutta and Canada Kill, 7th March 1722. A survey warrant was issued 1 November 1722, a license to purchase the next day and a deed from the Canajohaire Indians was obtained 19 October 1723.

Several of the original petitioners may have not journeyed to this new land, for they were not found in Stone Arabia records for the early years.

The information I obtained was from an Address by John B. Koetteritz of Little Falls, given to the Herkimer County Historical Society on 8 June 1897, honoring Andrew Finck, Major in the Revolutionary Wars. (

Johann Lawyer is the ancestor I am researching. His only mention in the papers was a part of the Petitioners. This gives me another clue where to look next for Johann Lawyer, aka John Lawyer of Schohaire County, New York.

POSSIBLE Descendants of Johann Lawyer (still under research verifying conflicting dates)

Johann Lawyer 1684-1762 and Elizabeth Otto1684-1760

Johannes Lawyer1725-1794 and Christina Sternberger 1732-1808

Johannes Lawyer 1751-1818 and Engel (Angelica) Schwart 1747-1834

Johannes Lawyer 1792-1836 and Ruth Allen 1799-

Following information form Family Bible

Addison Joseph Lawyer 1823-1851 and Mary Susanna Huntington 1827-1904

Mary Anna Lawyer 1856-1936 and Willard Durlin McKinstry 1850-1919

Edward Lawyer McKinstry 1897-1962 and Norma Haskell 1900-1942

Mary Alice McKinstry 1928-2011 and Private Information.

Johannes Lawyer Descendants
Johannes Lawyer Descendants

Tombstone Tuesday: Sally Paige Sargent

Sally , Emily & Gilmon Sargent Remembered
Sally , Emily & Gilmon Sargent Remembered

Main Street Cemetery

New London, Merrimack, New Hampshire


Sally wife of Ezel’

Sergent Died March

1st 1817 Age 44

A Son & Dau of Ezel’ &

Sally Sergent, Gilmon died

Dec 11 1805 Age 11m, Emily

Died March 13 1817 Age 3w


A Sally Paige was the first wife of Ezekiel Sargent of New London, Merrimack, New Hampshire who gave birth to a daughter Emily and a son Gilmon.  There are two other stones in this plot, Ezekiel and wife Emily. I will post them in later blogs.


Family Search

Photos by June Stearns Butka taken 15 Nov 2009.

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Tombstone Tuesday: Elisabeth Quimby






March 17, 1826

in the 69. year

of her age.

Go home my friends,

Dry your tears,

I must lie here

Till Christ appears.

Elisabeth is buried in the Old Sutton Cemetery,  Sutton Center, Merrimack County, New Hampshire in the Quimby family plot.  She is surrounded by family and luscious green moss.

Photograph taken by June Stearns Butka October 2012. All rights reserved.

I believe she is the daughter of Moses and Judith Bean Quimby where she is buried in their family plot.  She was born 4 July 1757 Kingston,  Rockingham, New Hampshire.   She is not of my direct line.  I post this information for others to research.

Source Information: New Hampshire, Births and Christenings Index, 1714-1904[database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.

Original data:”New Hampshire Birth Records, early to 1900.” Index. FamilySearch, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2009. New Hampshire Registrar of Vital Statistics. “Index to births, early to 1900.”  New Hampshire Registrar of Vital Statistics, Concord, New Hampshire.

“New Hampshire Births and Christenings, 1714-1904.” Index. FamilySearch, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2009, 2010. Index entries derived from digital copies of original and compiled records.

Tombstone Tuesday: Hannah Nelson, No not that one the other one

Hannah Nelson Wife of Philip
Hannah Nelson
Wife of Philip



Wife of

Philip Nelson

Died April 16, 1831

In her 73, year

Virtue lies beyond the grave.


This grave marker does not tell Hannah’s full story. She was born 18 Oct 1758 in Sutton, New Hampshire to Moses Quimby and Judith Bean. Hannah married Philip Nelson 24 Oct 1776in Danville (Haverhill) Massachusetts. They settled in Sutton, New Hampshire. She was the mother of six children. She died 16 April 1831 in Sutton, New Hampshire.


I will post her husband, Philip Nelson and more information of their life in my next post.


Tombstone Tuesday: The Traveling Deacon, Jonathan Nelson

The Traveling Deacon Jonathan Nelson
The Traveling Deacon
Jonathan Nelson

Deacon Jonathan Nelson

 In memory of Dea (n)

Jonathan Nelson

Who died June 18

1801 aged 77 years


Jonathan was the son of Joseph and Hannah Brocklebank Nelson of Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts. He was born 27 Jul 1723 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts. He was christened 17 May 1724 ByfieldChurch, Byfield, Essex, Massachusetts. Byfield Parish was part of Newbury and Georgetown. This Byfield Parish Church Burial grounds mentions several surnames connected to the Nelson family. I have not investigated the names at this time. I followed Jonathans’ line that tends to lead to my grand mother, Lillian Nelson Stearns.  The information I have is based on the book “History of Sutton” by Erastus Wadleigh, Esq. and A. H. Worthen page 829 – 832 and various links found at . Until recently I would state those sources as the truth. I plan now to confirm again each person mentioned in last weeks posting of Hannah Nelson, her and Jonathans children and marriage information with the new program called Evidentia .


My claims to link Jonathan and Hannah as ancestors to my grandmother, Lillian are as follows:


  1. Lillian was born and died in Sutton, Merrimack, New Hampshire (birth and death certificates, oral history, buried MillwoodCemetery, Sutton)
  2. Her parents William Frank Nelson and Clara Jane Chase resided in Sutton after their marriage. (marriage record, census records, oral history, birth record of William Frank Nelson, William buried MillwoodCemetery, Sutton)
  3. Her grandparents, Benjamin P Nelson and  Elinor Babb resided in Sutton (census record, marriage records, the name Elinor was given to Lillian’s’ daughter, oral history, and Benjamin P. Nelson birth log, buried Millwood Cemetery, Sutton)
  4. Her great grandparents, William Nelson and Patty/Polly/Patsy Teel/Teal resided in Sutton (census records, death records, town history, birth log of William Nelson)
  5. Her great – great grandparents, Philip Nelson and Hannah Quimby ( census records, marriage log, town history, buried in the Old Sutton Burial ground next to Jonathan and Hannah Nelson)


Given the above information I strongly believe these are my ancestors. I will input my information into the Evidentia program; follow up on the questions asked to confirm my claims; travel to concord, New Hampshire Vital Statistics office for copies of birth and death records that I do not have. Until that time I will claim the traveling Deacon as my g-g-g-g- grandfather. The History of Sutton records on page 830 that Jonathan would travel to neighboring parishes to provide church sermon when needed. This was a common practice to meet the needs of community during the early years of New Hampshire growth. I have much to do in confirming Jonathan link to Sutton, as a traveling deacon, and as a family member.