Sutton Historical Society Research Trip

Popular School House
Popular School House

I had the opportunity to visit the Sutton Historical Society last week. Don Davis offered some great information about Sutton and my family. He even shared photographs he had on his laptop from a schoolhouse presentation he had done. He was unable to find the one with my mother. He did find this photo of my Aunt Carrie (Lulu Carrie Stearns Perkins). This was soon after she and Uncle Wilson (John Wilson Perkins) purchased the schoolhouse as a private residence.

He told me about his wife’s Uncle, Frank Gallagher, living next door to my grandmother, Irene Place Pease. My grandmother’s house was on Roby Rd, Sutton, New Hampshire. The photo below of the house was taken winter of 1952 by my mother Shirley Pease Stearns.

Roby Road, Sutton, New Hampshire
Roby Road, Sutton, New Hampshire

Over the next several months I will be posting transcribed pages from the Sutton Genealogy Collection by Larry Bennett. There were no sources with this book. What sources that might be available are on old floppy disk or a computer that is not compatible to the new software available to the Society at this time. Don Davis felt confident is the information provided by Larry Bennett.

I am choosing to post the information for others to use as a “STARTING” place for research. I plan of confirming the information from others sources whenever possible.

The identification numbers or Records numbers listed will be noted. Some people do not have an ID# attached to them.

The photos of the pages I have from my most recent trip are of poor quality, but readable. My goal is to return to the Sutton Historical Society, photograph or scan the four volume set of Sutton Genealogy to share with you.

Stay posted.


Genealogy Organizational Challenge

Genealogy Organization is a Challenge

Old School Files
Old School Files 

My partially organized files.


I spent Saturday with two very organized people, Lisa Alzo and Thomas MacEntee. Their “Getting your Genealogy Groove Back” Boot Camp. It was a very information and helpful presentation.

I spent Sunday attempting to familiarize myself with some of the organizational tools they discussed. It was a mixture of “old School” and new Technology, at least new to me.

This morning I spent it organizing the old school way. My thoughts were, How can I use the new technology if I don’t have myself organized with what needs to be entered into the computer program.

In the photograph above the top bind holds my webinar folders that still need a little tweaking. They were mixed in with the folders in the lower draw. The lower draw is now organized with my family folders only. I have decided to continue my Surname way of organizing.

The major Surnames for each of my family lines include the sub-surnames by married. I organized this way as a reminder of who married into the family line and where. (To date I have 99 surnames in total, with 349 shaky leafs on Ancestry to research.)
My husband Major Surnames are:
Parental side:

Maternal side:

Misc.: Two Unknown Surnames (one for each line) I still need to verify before adding to my list

My Major Surnames are;
Paternal side:

My Maternal side:

Computer Files to date

My computer files to date

Now I’m off to organize the familiar computer technology I currently use. I will take the save items and place them into the correct family line folders in the same manner I did with the old school files. Once this is completed I can then take one old school folder and one computer folder; compare the information and enter it into the research log that I learned about during “Boot Camp.” Once I have entered all my research, I will find the gaps I have in my family tree. Those gaps will become my “To Do” List.

Yes, it is time consuming to organize these records. In the long run I will be saving time. I have already found duplicate name records with different information in them. I will be able to grab the correct file, find the information I’m looking for without hunting and pecking throughout my paperwork or computer. I will set up my Research Log by major surnames: Consistency, Organization and staying with what is familiar will be my organization tools from now on.

Thank you Lisa Alzo at and Thomas MacEntee of Hack Genealogy for all the little tidbits of information on how to organize.

Bye for now. I’m off to organize and get ready to Post my next #52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks blog about Arthur W. Place, my great grandfather, one of my great grandmother, Tina May Hutchins, four husbands.

2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,000 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 33 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Thank you for your support in 2013.

I have BIG plans for  2014, including new blogs about the importance of citations of resources; the resolution of one of the “roadblocks” I encountered in 2013 and announcing the new members of the family line.  I will continue to post photographs, family recipes and little Vignettes of Life.


May you all have a Happy Healthy New Year. Keep warm and safe.

I’m back and talking about family health

Herb Garden

I’m back after a little TIA.  My health was a challenge this past month and half. I am doing much better. I will be starting my posting about my ancestral journey with the importance of knowing family health history.

I must again state how important it is to find out your family health history. I knew my parents history. They were unable to give me much information about their parents. I was aware of muscle weakness causing paralysis, heart conditions in adults, diabetes and high blood pressure.  I was unaware of any kidney disease in the family or cardiac issues in children until I found the death certificates of my ancestors.

I’m talking about researching the health history of your grandparents, their siblings and their children. Remember you have eight ancestors to research; four on each side plus their children of each of your parents. My family names were Fletcher/Stearns/Nelson/Chase on one side and Pease/Downs/Place/Hutchins on the other. When I found the death certificates, I found the cause of death listed in most cases. Below is the health history I found for my fathers side. I am still researching my mother’s side.

Fletcher side: Valvular disease of the heart and apoplexy. Apoplexy is a stroke. Also a cause of death listed as complications of paralysis. Paralysis is an inherited disease according to Fletcher history.

Stearns side: Heart disease in adults and children, cerebral hemorrhage and colon cancer.

Nelson side: Cancer and heart attack with contributing atherosclerosis. Bright’s disease was also listed on the death certificate. It is an inherited kidney disease.

Chase side: Mitral Disease of the heart with contributing dropsy. Dropsy is edema of the soft tissue, fluid retention or more commonly known as Congestive heart failure (CHF).

This is just one side, but I found out that strokes were inherited from the Stearns side of my family. Next time I may not be so lucky. Please take the time and find out what your family health history is. Knowledge is power. That power can help you make changes and hopefully prevent or slow down the progression of a disease. I have made diet and life style changes in the past based on this information. I have been dealing with kidney, cancer (one form or another) and cardiac issues since 1997. Maybe that is why it was only a mini stroke and not a major one. I don’t know, but a change it diet can’t hurt.

I am now following the cystic kidney disease diet. Check it out at: or

I have found that my energy level and pain level have both improved since starting this diet plan. Please check with your doctor before starting any diet plan. Each person is different and care needs to be made in treating or preventing any health problems. I change may diet choices slowly. Going vegan and gluten free is a challenge.  I have reduce my animal protien to once a week.

Most major grocery store have a health food section where you can find some of the flour alternatives. I have found better prices in the Around the world section of my local store or at the local Asian market. Just watch the sodium amounts listed. Each brand has a different amount. Choose the one with less sodium.

Above is an idea for how to have an herb garden year round. An over the door shoe organizer holding each pot or herbs. Enjoy. Thank you Homesteading and Survivalism on Facebook for this idea.

Here is one of the PKD recipes:

Cucumber Amuse Bouche


1 Cucumber peeled

1 fresh date

Purple basil Leaf


Peel the cucumber and with the other end of the peeler, remove the seeds. Puree icy cold cucumber in a food processor. Steam and chop a date into long strips. Add 1 –2 long strips of date to the glass of puréed cucumber. Top with a purple basil leaf.



Volunteering to save our heritage

In October 2003 Arthur Pease and Bruce Johnson struggle with a heavy grave Marker that had been knocked down by vandals. They had worked in the cemetery as children and have eight generations of family buried there.

Arthur recently made his final trip home, taking with him the knowledge of those eight generations. He is now singing and playing the guitar with his wife, sister and brother who preceded him. Happy memories are retained by those of us who remain earth bound. During our recent trip to celebrate his journey home, we decided to have breakfast at his daily eating hole, Phil’s Variety and Grille. Once people realized who we were they came over and shared many happy memories about him and his dog Bear. Those same people even went to check on him when he didn’t arrive for breakfast like he usually did. A caring and gentle man who helped everyone was looked after by the community he lived in. How many places do you see with that closeness to each other?


Here is Arthur’s obituary, mistakes and all from the Sun Journal July 8, 2012:


Arthur L Pease


He was born in Richmond on Dec.17, 1932, the son of Charles and Irene Hutchins Pease. Arthur attended Monmouth schools and he then enlisted in the US Air Force.


He was a self-employed for many years; he had owned a couple of garages in town and at one time owned a trading post on 202 in North Monmouth. Arthur enjoyed working on cars, eating his three meals a day at Phil’s Variety in North Monmouth and just really enjoyed hanging out with his family and friends. He was a member of Monmouth American Legion Post N. 204.


Arthur is survived by his children, Shelia Lyons of New York, Brenda Woods of Ohio, Karl Pease and his wife, Cindy, of Monmouth and Linda Bellegante of Alabama; 11 grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren; a sister Mary Bipoetro and her husband, John, of Vermont; a sister-in-law, Beatrice Allen; and his dog Bear.


He was predeceased by his parents; his wife, Joan, in 2007; a brother, Freddie; a sister Shirley Sterns; and his dog Lady.


Messages of condolence may be sent to the family at:



The mistakes I noticed in the obituary include: his daughter Linda was not from Alabama, but currently staying in Mississippi; his sister, Mary’s, last name is Dipietro; and his sister, Shirley’s last name is spelt Stearns.




Arthur’s memory card reads the same as the obituary in the Sun Journal, except it starts with; “Arthur L. Pease, 79, a resident of Packard Road, Monmouth died unexpectedly at Maine General Medical Center in Augusta on Friday July 6, 2012.” It gives the words for the song “Taps,” and list the funeral and service information.




In Memory Of


Arthur L. Pease


Date and Place of Birth


December 17, 1932


Richmond, Maine


Date and Place of Death


July 6, 2012


Augusta, Maine


Time and Place of Service


11:00 AM Monday July 9, 2012


Bragdon-Finley Funeral Home


707 Main Street


Monmouth, Maine




Rev. Peter Mars




Monmouth Ridge Cemetery


Cemetery Road


Monmouth, Maine


Arrangements by


Bragdon-Finley Funeral Home


707 Main Street


PO Box 188


Monmouth, Maine




Rest in Peace, Arthur.



The link below is to the names of those buried in the Wales, Maine cemeteries, that Arthur and Bruce helped repair after they were vandalized.

Jorney home with love