I’m a hobbyist who enjoys researching family history, reading about their life and time, and taking photographs of whatever catches my eye. Most of my post will be on family research. Please follow me in my ancestral journey. I hope my efforts provide helpful insight and leads to your family search.

The Stearns/Fletcher surnames are my father’s paternal side. The Nelson/Chase names are my father’s maternal side.  I listed my generations based on my ancestor’s arrival in America.

I’m 12th generation Stearns

10th generation Fletcher

12th generation Chase

10th generation Nelson

The Pease/Drown is my mother’s paternal side. The Place/Hutchins is my mother’s maternal side. I have been only able to trace the:

Pease 10 generations,

Place 7 generations,

Hutchins 10 generations.

Downs 4 generations

My maternal line has early roots in the Plantations of Maine. Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Bay Colony and Martha’s Vineyard.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the follow.You got some interesting stuff in there.Will surely try to trace OAK’s family tree with your help.
    Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you. Good Luck with your search. I hope I can be of assistance. What is the saying “Giant Oaks from little acorns?” I look at each acorn as a new tree to find. Happy Hunting.


  2. Am researching my Nelson family of New London and Elkins NH. Also Sutton. We happened upon this site and are interested as we have connections to Philip Nelson…. Looking for Harry Leroy of Elkins. great grandfather Have the New London and Sutton town history books!


    1. the Butka line is Pennsylvania immigrated from Slovakland, some Germany most Austria or Poland. My husband has a tree and DNA on Ancestry. I’m just begining to research this side of the pond, so to speak.


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