Mayflower 400 Leiden Virtual Tour Part 1

Mayflower 400 Leiden Virtual Tour 

On 16 May 2020, I was lucky enough to join people across the world on a virtual Pilgrimage through Leiden, Holland cobblestone pathways. A World-wide Pandemic turned an in person tour of Leiden, the pilgrims’ home for twelve years (1609-1620), to a Facebook Live four hour tour with over 30,000 viewers. A huge Thank you to Marileen Dogterom [I hope it is the correct name] the coordinator of the Leiden 400 virtual tour.

I was granted permission to take screen captures during the virtual tour. Please join me and our guide, Michael Roumen, Director “Leiden 400”, in a series of blog posts about our Mayflower Pilgrims stay in Leiden.


Marileen Dogterom and Michael Roumen

I decided to start our four nation commemoration of Freedom, Oppression and Migration by the Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States and the Wampanoag Nation, with the Wampanoag culture display at the World Museum [Museum Volkenkunde.]

First People by Yakita Fields

Liesbeth Ouwehand, Curator Photography, “Museum Volkenkunde” explains the First People creations by contemporary artists.

The “Museum Volkenkunde” is part of the National Museum of World Culture. It is the oldest of the museums founded in 1837.

“History Of The World”

There are four photographs called “History of the World” by Shelley Niro. They are oblong framed pieces; each panel shows Land, Air and Water. The color of the frames, Red, Yellow, White, Black, represents the scared directions . Above is the Red framed photograph. 

Our tour continues with the Wampanoag culture with one of the photographs by Cara Romero called “Julia.” There are three different women standing in different boxes, showing the cultural diversity of the Indigenous people of North America. Below is just one of those photographs. A confident woman in traditional dress surrounded by cultural items.

“Julia” by Cara Romero

We leave Lisbeth to join Henrietta Lidchi, Chief Curator “Museum Volkenkunde” Exhibition video about honoring the Resilience and  creativity of Indigenous people. The exhibition displays Athletics, Pottery, Weaponry, Wampum, Photography and Fashion.

Henrietta Lidchi, Chief Curator “Museum Volkenkunde”

In respecting the exhibitions, I’m only posting a few screen captures of what the exhibition has to offer. My goal in this post was to give thanks to the work of those that are bringing this, now virtual tour, to us. The emotions I feel in just the first hour, of this four hour tour, is overwhelming.  The First Americans Exhibit provided me with a reminder that all actions have consequences. The pilgrims did not go to an uninhabited place. There were sad consequences to that journey. Both for Indeginous people and the Pilgrims. 

I think the fact that all four nations, Dutch, English, American and Wampanoag, joined together to commemorate and honor all people, affected by the Pilgrims journey 400 years ago speaks volumes. The Pilgrim’s journey is about Freedom, Oppression, and Migrations, starting in England in 1609 to 1647. Yes, 1647 was when the last of the Leiden Pilgrims, who migrated to the New World, came aboard the “Fortune.” Not all those who left England to the Netherlands, decided to journey on. The 1620 Mayflower journey is a story we need to revisit. To understand the consequences of that journey to all nations, not just the Pilgrims point of view.

I will talk about the Pilgrim’s journey in future blog posts. 


Leiden 400 Virtual, Mayflower400 UK Facebook page, ,accessed 16 May 2020, video mark 0-1:30.16.

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