Love and Family Make Me Tick

I’m a participant of Julie Goucher’s of Anglers Rest Blog, “Book of Me” Prompts.

What makes me tick was an easy one to answer. Love and Family.

My love and passion for life, family and friends keeps me going on a daily basis. We all have those days that we just want to crawl back under the covers and stay there. It is those times that I look around my bedroom at the walls and book shelves. I see the smiling faces of my family and friends shining down at me. The thimble collection of my mother, cookbook collection of my Aunts Carrie and Eleanor, the Family Tree of my Ancestors above my desk and the artwork created especially for me by a friend. Even the scattered family research papers waiting for me to pick up where I left off are a reminder that life is worth living.

I know that I will rise to the challenge of the day. It may be a slower start of the day. I need to work through the pain, the sadness and sometimes anger of having to deal with the pain. I will not dell on the health issues that cause my pain only that I will NOT let it stop me. A Positive Mental Attitude is my mantra. Stay the coarse is the other.

Just a few photographs of what I see that helps my Stay the Coarse.

Blake’s Deck of Cards
Index Card Family Tree
Honor to All!
The Stearns Family
Center of hand made “Breast Cancer Walk” Quilt by Shirley Pease Stearns

#Book of Me 2018

Thank you Family and Friends for all your love and support.





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