What Do I Look Like?

June Stearns Butka and Tyna Butka

I’m participating in the “Book of Me-2018 Series.”  Five prompts are given monthly by Julie Goucher of Anglers Rest. You can see her monthly prompts and earlier posts HERE.

This is my second prompt for January 2018. You can see my previous “The Book of Me” series posts HERE .

What do I look like?

You would think this would be an easy prompt. Just give a description of yourself. Five feet three and half inches tall; more of an apple shaped body than pear; dark blonde hair with graying highlights; fair complexion; blue eyes; pleasant smile and smooth skin with freckles, age spots and skin tags.  My weight ranges between 200 and 211 pounds. I just can’t break that 200 mark. I will keep trying.

That is the physical description of me as I am today. That’s fine, yet it does not tell me how others see me as or what I looked liked over the years.

June-Who Am I? What Do You See?

Here is a photo collage of me from 1954-2018.

June Stearns Butka

I’ve had many looks over the years from no hair (after chemo,) wigs for those times, short hair, curly hair, buttercup blonde to sandy blonde/brown, straight hair, curly hair, even a brunette and a redhead with my wigs. I embraced each “me” that I was.

I posted a request on Facebook asking how my friends and family see me. I will update this post if I get any response as to how others see me.

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