Niagara Falls & River Railway Power House

Niagara Falls & River Railway Power House

Day 2 (13 June 2017) of our Road trip found us taking a limo tour of Niagara Falls. The history behind them was an amazing trip in time. The tour gave an overview of the formation, preservation, above and BELOW The Falls.

Did you have an ancestor who work on the construction of the tunnels?

Wikipedia gives an overview. Below is a quick overview of the Power Plants the use the water to power the area.

  • “Niagara Falls & River Railway Power House, operating in Niagara Falls, Ontario’s Queen Victoria Park between 1892 and 1932, supplying electricity to its trains operating between Queenston and Chippawa.
  • William Birch Rankine Power Station, opened in 1905 by the Canadian Niagara Power Company which was founded in 1892. It was purchased by the Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation in 1950, and then by the Fortis Incorporated Power Group in 1999-2000, after which it was retired from service following an agreement with Ontario Power Generation, the provincial utility.
  • Ontario Power Company, also opened in 1905, purchased by the Ontario Hydro Power Commission in 1917 and then decommissioned in 1999.
  • Electrical Development Company (EDC), later named the Toronto Power Company, operating between 1906 and 1973.
  • Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Generating Stations, are two hydroelectric generating stations in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, opened in 1922 and originally named the Queenston Chippawa Power Station. It was renamed after Sir Adam Beck in 1950, with significant expansions in 1954 and 2013. The two major power stations at the site are called Adam Beck I and Adam Beck II.”
  • From the Limo
    Under The Falls
    Tunnel Construction

    American Falls as seen from Canada