Will The Real Alonzo Chase, Please Stand Up- Part 2


Where do I go now? I need to answer the question/s-

  1. Who are the parents of Alonzo Chase born in Hopkinton, Merrimack, New Hampshire 2 July 1835?
  2. What clues do I already have that provide hints to who his parent are?
  3. Where did Alonzo live during his lifetime (1835-1905) that might help me find his parents?
  4. When did Jacob Chase become guardian of Alonzo Chase?
  5. Why did Alonzo Chase move to Jacob’s household?
  6. What record groups may help me with my search?
  7. Where is his birth record?
  8. What was his name at birth?

These are just a few questions that I need to answer, again, to find out who Alonzo Chase’s parents are. PLEASE join me in the next leg of my research journey.

Let’s start with the letter from Roger and Joyce Chase to the Warner Historical Society.

Alonzo Chase letter snip

CLUE #1 “We want to thank you for all the information and pictures you sent us about Alonzo Chase and his adopted father, Jacob Chase. …”

CLUE #2 “… we will try to find information about Alonzo’s birth and his birth mother, Sarah Straw, who was from Hopkinton, and

CLUE #3 his biological father, who we think was named Kelly. Alonzo was…

CLUE #3… adopted by, Jacob Chase, but we do not know when ore even if there were any records of adoption at that time.”

CLUE #4 Roger and Joyce Chase did not say how they were related to Alonzo or how they knew the information in the letter.

[I sent a letter to the Chase’s after my visit to the historical Society. No answer. I researched the address and phone number provided on the business card attached to the letter. The business was no longer in service. When I Googled the names of the Chases, I found an obituary for Joyce Chase.]

Three clues in this letter that I researched once before. I will look at them from a different angle this time. Starting with why the Chase’s knew the information they had included in the letter.

Is the Obituary a dead end in getting more information, or, does it provide new clues in my search.

That is where I leave off for today. You will need to follow along with me to find out where this journey ends.



2 thoughts on “Will The Real Alonzo Chase, Please Stand Up- Part 2

  1. Hello, my name is Dale Robert Chase.
    I have recently begun again to do family research. My line is:
    Robert Theron Chase
    Theron Alfred Chase
    George Chase, who is the brother of your ancestor Clara.
    Alonzo Chase.

    I am in the possession of 18 hand written diaries, by George himself, ranging from years 1892 to 1905. They are written in cursive script and it is very challenging to read. There are references to George having to get Alonzo from a solders home and bring him home, among normal everyday life.
    I would like to see what other info you have uncovered about Alonzo’s mother, and who might be his father.

    Thank you, Dale


    1. I just found this message. I recently connected with another “cousin.” I’m processing the information . I plan to do a blog post soon about my findings from both information and DNA match on Ancestry. If you are on Ancestry. Click on Alonzo Chase under tree reviews. I’m Stearns Butka Family tree, That should provide some information. Sorry I didn’t respond earlier.


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