Will The Real Alonzo Chase, Please Stand Up- Part 1


Who is the Real Alonzo Chase? I thought I knew, finally, that he was the son of Jacob Chase and Sarah Shaw.

I know with confidence he was the spouse of Mary Jane Wells and Kate E Colby. The father of Herbert Scott, William E., George M., Marl Delbert, Clara Jane [my great grandmother,] Frank Miles, Stephen S., and Maurice Clinton Chase.

Alonzo Chase children and spouses

I thought I broke through this brick wall when my paper trail and DNA test confirmed a match. When I did my DNA I had Alonzo Chase, his spouses and his children in my family tree. I did not have his parents linked to him. I found a letter stating Alonzo was adopted. That was the only source noting the possibility. Census records, marriage records, death records, burial records and family lore and letters all pointed to Jacob as Alonzo’s father.

Snippet from the letter found at the Warner Historical Society about Alonzo possible adoption:

Alonzo Chase letter snip

Sources to date:

Alonzo Chase record sources

After the DNA trail and paper trail agreed I added Jacob and Sarah Shaw as Alonzo’s parents. I did not stop searching for Alonzo’s birth record in Hopkinton, New Hampshire, possible Will of Alonzo or Jacob. I’m still researching land and deed records.

Alonzo’s Death record:

Alonzo Chase death certificate 1905

Alonzo’s death notice in the Fitzburg Sentinal 24 Nov 1905:

Chase Alonzo death notice Fitzburg Sentinal 24 Nov 1905 Townsend col pg 15

So why do I question myself now? I found this record in Ancestry‘s newly updated New Hampshire , Wills and Probate Records, 1643-1982. I found the Last will and testament of Jacob Chase.

Snippet of Jacob’s will.

Chase Jacob 1903 will

Notice the wording for Alonzo’s and Edwards bequest from Jacob. Jacob makes seven bequest in total. He identifies all but Alonzo as a son, daughter or grandchild.

I’m glad I didn’t stop looking for records. The importance of an “Exhaustive Search,” that follows the Genealogy Proof Standard, is well demonstrated here.

That is why I date my research, keep it in the Word Document file of each person, with source notations, notes and screen shots of records. I always revisit my work. You never know what you may find. More about my other finds in future post.

Now my research begins anew for Alonzo’s biological parents.

Watch for future posts on my search for the “Real Alonzo Chase.”



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