Honoring Female Ancestors: Hannah Kimball


The month of March is Women History Month. I will be adding some of my female ancestors. in my blogs to honor the hard work that all the achievements small or large to our society. We may not know the full contributions our ancestors provide during their lifetime. We do now that those achievement are not always honored. I honor the achievements in each blog I do, male or female, you are remembered here.

Hannah Kimball, born  1728, to, as yet, for my family tree purposes unknown. When I find documents, other than family trees, for Hannah’s parents I will add them to my tree.

Kimball Hannah1747 Aug 20 marriage Valentine Colby

She is the wife of Valentine Colby 1728-1812, that “assisted in establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of Lieutenant in the Army.”  Hannah is the  mother of Hezekiah (1757-1817), Joseph, and Levi. I’m still researching Hannah and her ancestors and descendants.

She is my 6th great-grandmother from her son, Hezekiah to his son, Chellis; his son, James M; to his daughter, Kate E [who married Alonzo Chase;] to her daughter. Clara J Chase [who married William F Nelson;] to her daughter, Lillian Mae Nelson [who married Nathan A Stearns;] to her son, Nelson William Stearns-my father.

Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 Ancestry.com  Operations, Inc. 2011 Provo, UT, USA. http://interactive.ancestry.com/2495/41254_265455-00402/81547285?backurl=http://person.ancestry.com/tree/86776289/person/48543203363/facts (accessed 11 Mar 2016), entry for Kimball, Hannah


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