World War II and M&M Candy?


Enjoy a trip down memory lane, celebrating 75 years of M&M’s.

This year M&M candies turn 75 years old. You may wander what M&M’s has to do with genealogy. The USA Today news article on 3 March 2016 answers that question.

“M&M”s grew out of necessity when the military requested Mars make chocolate for the troops at the start of World War II. The candy’s hard exterior meant the chocolate didn’t melt and was ideally suited for overseas travel. When the war ended, soliders were still clamoring for the tiny treats, and Mars began selling them to regular customers in 1947.”

The next time you are with your family, see if your grandfather, father, uncle, grandmother, mother or aunt served in WWII. If they did, ask them what they remember about M&M’s as part of the rations.

M_and_M_candies _USA_Today_4_Mar_2016

Happy 75th Birthday M&M’s!


Malcolm, Harley. “Big plans for tiny candy as M&M’s turn 75.” USA Today (3 March 2016): Section B 1.


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