Backup Day is On the First of Each Month


1 March 2016

computer_maintenanceComputer Backup

The first of each month is a busy day in my household. It is Backup day for all my records to the cloud. I blogged about this before and will probably do so again.


I will keep today’s blog short and sweet.

My backup drives: E, F, G, H

My Cloud: Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, ICloud

Flash Drive of my Family Tree Program  FTM2014 sent to my sister. [I will continue sending her the FTM2014 file until she decides what or if she wants a different program.

This may be overkill. I believe in better safe than sorry.


I am slowly converting my photographs, 1990’s photograph CD’s to the cloud. In doing so, I’m eliminating duplicates photographs I have. The duplicates are sent to people that may be in them or discarded if non people/pet images. It is amazing how much room I found since I started this process. This is part of my ongoing backup process.




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