New England Travels Slide Show


Thank your Dear Myrtle. Your Mondays with Myrt 29 Feb 2016  demonstration on embedding a video into your blog, was easy to follow.

I made the attempt with this video from my travels around New England. I made this video before for my “Where in the State is Mom” website. [Comcast closed all the websites they supported last year.] There is music to accompany the photographs

You will see photographs of different types; my museum trips, cemetery, town halls, historical houses, churches, statues, main streets, back roads, tourist locations, gardens, bridges, scenic views and my friends from Texas and Australia. There is even a photograph of my daughter’s law school graduation included.

It was a special time sharing my beloved region with family and friends over the years. May this small piece of my collection bring you enjoyment.

My goal is to video story tidbits of my life and that of my ancestors.


“DearMyrtle’s Mondays with Myrt (29 Feb 2016); (accessed 29 Feb 2016), embedded video demonstration.



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