Tree Under Review: Sources Available Upon Request


My Ancestry Tree is my research tree. The sources need to be cleaned up from when I first started my tree, again, on Ancestry in March 2010. [I had used it in the late 1990’s, but found I had more information than they did. Not understanding the full concept back then, I felt I was paying them for me to add my own research to their program. I know understand the importance of sharing information and supporting the FREE Ancestry services made available.]

Many of my sources are just links in the notes section. [I need to format a source citation for them. I’m still learning that process.) I, also,  have paper sources on file in my private collection. I am slowly working on cleaning up my family tree and sources. I made the mistake of inviting someone to add the cousin line to my tree. I quickly learned that was not a good idea.

To make my job easier and to let others know I have sources, for my direct line at least, I have chosen to add the following graphic to my direct line ancestors. Tree Under Review-Sources Available Under Request! My Ancestry Tree is Public: Stearns Butka Family Tree [This link works for members of Ancestry. I’m not sure if it works those that are not a member, even through my tree is public.]

A Tree Under Review

Here is what my tree looks like with the above graphic:

pedigree chart on ancestry

ancestor tree on ancestry


You can easily tell who are my direct line ancestors and my cousin lines. I have source citations done for the first five generations.  I’m adding them to my Family Tree Program of my choice first. I will update the Ancestry a little at a time. I do have sources for other generations and some citations done. It is a slow tedious learning curve, for me, in regards to writing the citations. Please bear with me. If you are a cousin line of mine, PLEASE contact me at for sources. I may or may not have the citations complete, but I will gladly provide the information on non-living relatives in my possession.

Source Citation:

Ancestry  ( home page accessed (26 Feb 2016); entry for Stearns Butka Family Tree, accessed (26 Feb 2016).




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