One Photograph – Many Clues


BUTKA Tyna, Michael J _Nicole DellaGioia Sept 1986

This one photograph gives many clues to the family’s lifestyle.

  1. One child, Tyna, is a Brownie (Girl Scout Brownie emblem on the sweatshirt)
  2. One is a playful child, Michael, (pulling Gina’s hair)
  3.  One, Gina, likes Disney (sweatshirt emblem) and
  4. Doesn’t like her hair pulled (who does)
  5. There is a smoker in the household (ashtray on the chair arm)
  6. Someone drinks soda, tonic, pop or carbonated beverage (depending on the geographical area you live in determines the name)
  7. Someone like traditional furniture
  8. The time of year must be the Fall or Winter season (Fall-Thanksgiving at my sister-in-law’s; Christmas was at my mother-in-law’s)
  9. There is a game next to Tyna (early interactive one, I don’t remember which one)
  10. I’m not sure if that is a jacket, sweater or throw over the arm of the chair (I think it is a jacket)

I have not added the living people names to the post at this time. [I do, in a private note on my Family Tree Program of choice.] This is one of many happy memories spent at my in-laws over the years.

Many things can be seen of the life style, yet the picture is not complete until we add those memories. Memories that tend to fade over the years.

Why not gather a few photos, the family and share those memories. If you can’t get together, maybe share on social media and see what reaction you get. I know two of the three use social media. I will see what a “Throw Back Thursday” post will bring in the way of reaction or memories. Don’t forget to tag them if they are comfortable with that.


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