My Very First Blog Posts Revisited


My very first blog post was written on Blogger 30 Sept 2009. The blogger site name was/is “Where in the State is Mom.”

I wrote a very short note “I’m Waiting.” 

“I will start posting more info when a have a follower or two. Please come join me on my New Hampshire adventure.” No photos, just a quick two sentence post. The next two post were about why I started the blog; “Where is in the State is Mom?” and  “Where in the State is Mom? 13 Sept 2009” . Not knowing any better I posted two blogs on the same day and time.

I’ve come a long way since then. I still have much to learn.

I will be revisiting some of my earlier post over the next few days. While my Brain is resting from its concussion. I hope you enjoy the way back memories of days gone by. My where in the State is Mom Blog Post soon turned into a Facebook Page.

Where in the State is Mom blogspot




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