Webinar Wednesday & Wacky Wednesday are Back after Roots Tech 2016


Scots Irish webinar wednesday 10 feb 2016

I blogged about the return of our weekly webinars on Monday. I’m looking forward to Peggy’s Scot-Irish in America. My Munroe and Duncan clans still need more research. I’m hoping to find a new approach.

I wander which of Dear Myrtle’s cousin will be visiting tonight?

Goals for today 10 Feb 2016:

  1. Indexing on Family search
  2. Watch Legacy Webinar  The Scots-Irish in America presented by Peggy Clemens Lauritzen
  3. Wacky Wednesday with Dear Myrtle and Cousin Russ
  4. Work on siblings in first 4 generations (this will be an ongoing project)
  5. Review digital files for duplicates and streamline my hard drive. It appears to be running out of space.
  6. Just have fun, relax and enjoy the day.

My blog post for the last three days have been short and sweet. I’m working on my goals. That is where I’m spending time. A reminder to pace yourself, work on what is important to you, yet don’t forget that posting your legacy is part of those goals. My #365daysofjune is a part the legacy of who I am, how I spend my time and maybe entice the next generation to carry on. Short and sweet sometimes is the way to go.

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