Webinar, Hangouts and Live Streaming Time


Monday with Myrt resumes today. [Russ Worthington reminded my on my Facebook page”Russ Worthington June Stearns Butka – We did Monday with MYRT from the 3rd Floor at the Family History Library. We even extended the HOA to cover all of the folks that stopped by to see it. We didn’t do Wacky Wednesday however. Kinda busy Wednesday until Saturday” . I did see them live at RootTech 2016.] Last week Dear Myrtle,  Cousin Russ, Geoff Rasmussen and about 4,000 other genealogy people, from across the globe, spent their time in Salt Lake City at Roots Tech 2016. That meant that our usual Mondays with Myrt and Legacy Wednesday would not be held last week.

What is a girl to do? I watch RootsMagic training videos, Dear Myrtle’s Ambush Cam videos from Roots Tech 2016. I also watch the Live Streaming programs Roots Tech presented. They will be posting the recording sometime this week to be viewed at our leisure if we missed any.

I warmly welcome back my normal Schedule this week with the Return of Dear Myrtle today. I’m looking forward to hearing about Root Tech 2016 experience and any new genealogy news.

Goals for today 8 Feb 2016:

  1. Watch Mondays with Myrt
  2. Indexing on Family search
  3. Work on siblings in first 4 generations (this will be an ongoing project)
  4. Review digital files for duplicates and streamline my hard drive. It appears to be running out of space.
  5. Just have fun, relax and enjoy the sunset

8 Feb 2016 sunset


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