From A Distance: The Challenger Remembered 30 Years Later

From A Distance They Soared High: The Challenger Remembered 28 Jan 1986 – 28 Jan 2016. It has been thirty  years since the Challenger Tragedy. The History Channel Challenger Disaster Video 

They saw the earth from above. They were the voice of Hope.  The view of Education. They lives touch us all in that one moment in history.

My heart still aches for all who lost a loved one on the day. This was not the first time that a historical event touched our hearts and soul. Yet, I feel it touched more of our core to a greater extant than just watching famous people. These were our friends our, neighbors, our teacher, someone we knew in our day to day lives. In my case, Christa McAuliffe, once was a favorite teacher to my sister, Susan Ruth Stearns. I remember Sue’s voice, a voice of tears, sadness, almost a whisper from unbelievable shock.

Christa McAuliffe continues her teaching through the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center.

Wikipedia provides a better history than I can give. My emotions are still blocking my expressing my feelings.

The Challenger Disaster
The Challenger Disaster Movie Poster

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