Snapshot of my Family Stats


I decided that I wanted to review My Heritage online Family Tree. The new Roots Magic program I’m learning does web searches for Family Search and My Heritage. When I looked at my status for My Heritage I thought I was in good shape.

Snapshot of my Family Stats
Family Stats My Heritage Family Tree

That is until I looked closer.

Oldest Person
Oldest Person is who?

I didn’t recognize the name of the oldest person list in my family tree. Never mind that the person is 115 years old. Two RED Flags that something is wrong and needs more research.

If that wasn’t enough of a RED flag look at the image below

How many years difference in age?
How many years difference in age? 

273 year age difference? I don’t think so.

In 2015 I did my first five direct line generations. My goal was to those same generations collateral lines.

Here is my dilemma; continue with my original goal or follow the bright shinny object to correct the obvious problems in my tree? How did they get there to begin with?


1. Continue with my original goal. It is best to have five solid first generations, including the collateral lines.

2. Review one Red Flag each day entering it into a Research To Do List for future research. If it is a quick fix , I will update it correctly. Good chance I put the wrong year in the program back when I first started using My Heritage.




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