Remembering Our Pets-Duchess


Remembering Our Pets-Duchess

Yoda, Duchess and Tess
The Trio

Duchess is the last of the trio. Technically she is not a rescue. I found her at a yard sale while returning from a birthday lunch date with my cousin, Lilly. The family were moving and couldn’t bring all six pets with them. Any pets that did not find a home would be taken to the animal shelter.

Okay, I’m a sucker for a sad story. Duchess, a beautiful, calico, 6 year old feline, came home with me that day. She was one of the most affectionate felines I have ever met. Our Veterinarian informed us that Duchess had a heart murmur. She lived another ten years under our love and care. Sadly she 6 weeks after our move from Derry, New Hampshire to Merrimack, New Hampshire. The doctor said the stress of the move was more than her little heart could take. She lived to be sixteen years old. A good age for a cat.

Duchess, Yoda and Tess loved to curl up together on my son’s bed before we moved from Derry. I wish I could find the photograph I have of the three of them all snuggled so contentedly together. When we moved to Merrimack, each found a place to hide during the day, coming into bed with me at nighttime. The stress of the move was a challenge for all of us to overcome. It was time to downsize from a large house to a 2 bedroom condo. It was the correct move for us, even with the loss of our beloved pets, Duchess in six weeks (2008), Tess in 2 years (2010) and Yoda in five years (2013.)

Please meet Ninja Buddy. He joined our family the first Saturday in December of 2013. Who could turn that sad face of a 2 1/2 year old dog who spent his life in shelters? He was found on the streets of Methuen, Massachusetts at 6 months old.

Ninja Buddy 2013
Ninja Buddy 2013

Ninja Buddy needed a lot of care and patience for him to build trust. He has settled in nicely to our home. I know the Trio would want somebody looking out for us.



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