Cooking Time With the Family Challenge


Dad's Biscuits_Leslies Jam
Dad’s Biscuits and Leslie’s Jam
Mom's & Dad's Biscuits
Mom’s & Dad’s Biscuits

My Dad always had the lighter hand for the biscuits. Mom and Dad both used the same recipes. We always liked Dad’s the best. The recipe was handwritten by my mother, Shirley Pease Stearns. It was her grandmother’s recipe, Tina Hutchins Spooner Towle Place Doyle.

I challenge you to take time to cook with you family. Your Children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews Your choice. If you cooking is not your thing, share a memory and a recipe from your childhood with them.

Some of my fondest memories as a child and as an adult was while cooking with loved ones. My mother, Shirley Pease Stearns, my great Aunt Carrie Lulu Stearns Perkins, my Aunt Eleanor Stearns Duncan and my Dad, Nelson William Stearns  all taught be to cook, bake, preserve and can.

I continued that tradition with the next two generations. It is a great way to teach measurements, fractions, sharing, and working together in a fun way. You know that old saying, “If you have eight pieces of pie and you give one away, How many pies are left?” When they are older it becomes fractions. You teach them to halve or double the recipes the same way. What do you do with six young adults from the age of 16-19 years old during a summer. You bake and create a cookbook. That was the year I had three exchange students, my son, daughter and niece for the summer. The two boy exchange students had never cook before. They loved taking home made jam and a book home to their family. One of the boys family came to America for a visit a few years later. They stopped by to tell us “thank you for taking the time teaching their son how to cook. He still talks about his stay with you as one of the best summers he ever had.” The image below is the cover of the cookbook we created.

Goodness Pure and Simple
Goodness Pure and Simple

Monthly cooking lessons was part of my family routine until life decided to add scheduling conflicts. We still share recipes and get together to cook when schedules allow.

Apple Cider Doughnuts
Apple Cider Doughnuts

My challenge to you is gather your family recipes,add a photo of the person whose recipe it is (if possible), and tell their story in person, in a letter, in a blog, in a video, on Facebook or what ever your imagination can think of. Share the memories. You all will enjoy the telling of the story and possibly the cooking together, as well.

Three generations cooking together.
Three generations cooking together.

The photo above is from one of our monthly cooking times. My niece Jennifer Levesque Williams (standing), her daughter MacKenzie and myself, June Stearns Butka. Sometimes the fun is seeing the next generation sharing a recipe with us. Not seen in the photo was my sister Vickie Stearns Levesque Junkins, my niece Abigail Junkins, Jenn’s sister in-law, Debie Gould Williams and Debie’s son, Brain was watching television. We were making Apple Cider Donuts.

Have Fun sharing and creating a new memory.



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