The Practical side of Family History: Part 1


Family Tree Interviews
Family Tree Interviews

Today’s is about facing the hard truths in your family history, Health (Part 1) and death (Part 2.)

We never worry about illness until it happens to us. Did you know that if you know you family history you can improve your health? That is if you want to be preventive and proactive. You can’t stop inherited diseases. You can slow the process of many disease like diabetes, high blood pressure and even kidney with research and knowledge. We must start with ourselves, our parents and our grandparents if at all possible.

How many times have you gone to the doctors that they ask your family health history or your own. Can you easily answer them? Great this blog may not be for you. Now take a minute and think hard, do you know your spouse’s family health history? If you have children it is important you know both the father and mothers health history.

Forearm is forewarned!

Remember the health profile card/book you would get when you child is born for immunization, checkups and illness? Do you still have them? Are they filled in? Mostly likely they are stored in a box somewhere.

My suggestion is to start keeping track of that information for all you family, yourself included.

Here is what I suggest you keep on your person at all times. If you are in an accident or away from home where your records are unavailable. I keep both a printed and flash drive version on my person just in case of emergencies.

(Your Name) Medical History

Date created and last updated

Name, Address and phone number

Who your health insurance provider is (they will look for your card for more information)

Your Pharmacy Name and Phone number


Medicine schedule including Over the Counter medicines, Vitamins, herbs, and medicines you only take as needed.

Medical History including dates and type of illness, last History and Physical and last laboratory test you had. Place most recent first.

Tests and dates of tests beyond the usual ones with the annual History and Physical.

Surgeries and Hospital Stays along with dates.

List of names, addresses and phone numbers of your doctor/s.

Your Emergency contact people names and phones numbers.

I consent for who can talk about your health issues if you cannot.

This is a sample Medical history

June’s Medical History

5 Jan 2016

June Butka 123 Genealogy Way, New Hampshire 00000, 603-123-4567

Allergies: No known allergies to food, Latex allergy, Z-Pack (antibiotic)

Medicine schedule:

Multivitamins 2 tabs daily

Vit B-12 complex 3,000 mcg 1 tab daly

Chia Oil 1,000 mg 2 gel caps daily

Tylenol 500 mg as needed

Add you prescriptions medicines and why you are taking them to this list. I used the above medicine as examples of some the over the counter medicines you may take.

Medical History:

History and Physical (H&P) with labs 12 Dec 2015

Concussion 30 Dec 2014, 4 Jan 2014

Fractured left foot July 2013

List any metal that might be in your body, steel plates, old surgery implants, and needles in a foot and where is the metal located. This affects and CT Scans that might need to be done.


Dec 2015 MRI Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, Nashua New Hampshire rule out hemorrhage of the brain related to concussion due to fall.

X-ray L foot July 2013 Parkland Medical Center, Derry New Hampshire, rule out fracture from can of tea dropped on foot.

(By listing where the exam was taken, you will know where to look and get a copy of it if needed at a future date. Yes, I did drop a can of Ice tea on my foot. You may smile now. I do every time I think about it.)

Surgeries and Hospital stays;

Birth of Child, Date and Hospital

List of doctors with address and phone numbers

List of family emergency contacts name and phone number

I, June Butka, give permission to discuss my medical information to the doctors and health care providers listed above in the event I can’t speak for myself. My emergency contact people have permission to discuss my medical history with health providers if I am not able to.


I review my medical history and medicine list the first of each month or if changes made during the month at the time of changes. I also update the date last reviewed/changed anything.

It is important to have medical history for each person living in the household that you are responsible for. Having this information at hand is crucial in time of emergency. Most Police Departments recommend to keep a Prescription Bottle with your medical history available in the refrigerator. You can get a kit from your local Police Department.


Please take the time to complete a form for yourself and each family member. It could save a life in an emergency.

Place one for each person on a flash drive, in your wallet and in your refrigerator in the hopes it will never be needed, yet available if it is.

My next blog will discuss Part 2-Death and the importance of why we should know what our ancestor died of.










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