Memory Tree- Tall or True?

Memory Tree
Memory Tree- Glen New Hampshire

#Memorytales Memory tales is a new series I will be posting. It is about family stories I have heard. Some I know will be tall tales that I will debunk. Others will be first hand memory account by family memories.

My first in the series in Called Memory Tree.

I have posted before about my visit to Aunt Bea, my mother’s sister-in-law, Beatrice Chandler Allen. Each time I visit she tell me stories of my family and hers. Many of her memories are around this tree that stands tall and proud in her Glen, New Hampshire yard.

This tree was planted by my uncle Arthur Pease (Uncle Fred’s brother) and my aunt Beatrice Allen (Uncle Fred’s wife) when Uncle Fred and Aunts Bea’s first Child, Linda Allen was born.

Notice a split at the top of the tree. Aunt Bea told my sister, Sue Stearns Aeschliman and me, on our most recent visit of how that split was created.

When Linda was a child she loved to jump over things. One day she decided to jump over the little tree in the yard. She missed and fell upon the tree splitting it in two. The tree didn’t die. It just grew two branches instead of one. If this tree could talk I sure we would have many stories to tell us about the children and family growing up before it.

You can see the tree on the left side of the photo below of Uncle Fred Allen and his Ed Ham (mid 1970’s). It has grown tall continuing to reach for the sky.

Fred and Ed Glen, New Hampshire
Fred and Ed Glen, New Hampshire

You can see the tip of one of the tree branches on the right of the photo below. I want a photo of my cousin, Chris Allen Burns, my Aunt Bea and my sister Sue with the mountain foliage in the background.  If I had known the story about the tree before I took their photograph, I would have move them in front of the tree and taken one of them capturing another Tree memory. May next time.

Chris, Sue and Aunt Bea- Glen New Hampshire 2015
Chris, Sue and Aunt Bea- Glen New Hampshire 2015

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