Book Writing or Procrastination?

Wedding Day 3 July 1953
Wedding Day 3 July 1953

Nelson William Stearns and Shirley Beatrice Pease on their wedding day.

I’m in a quandary.  My days are spent researching and writing about my immigrant ancestor Isaac Stearns. I thought I was done and ready to send it to my beta readers. I did send it to one reader that provided some great feedback.

While waiting for that feedback I decided to review my records and correct my citations in Elizabeth Shown Mills format. I found some web links from my early research that is no longer working. I needed to find new documentation for that information.

Now it seems I have more and more things to add to the book. I thought that was a good thing. The past week I started thinking, “Am I looking for things, so that I delay the book?”

I just might be doing that. I’m nervous to put the book and my writing out there. I set a goal to get it to my beta readers that is soon approaching. I not sure I will make that goal. Will Columbus Day come and go without my completion of the book?

I hope not. That is why I am writing this blog, to push myself to meet that deadline.

Still the question remains; Does the book need to have all the items I found in Isaac’s life or just the overview to give my readers a sense of the time he lived it? The decisions he made and the possible why he made those decisions is important. His story will be told. I will tell it to the best of my ability.

Maybe not overdo the facts that the youth of today do not really care about. Yes, the youth of today is who I decided to be my focus group for this book. I want my children’s children, nieces and nephews to know where they came from. Not just my family, any of Isaac Stearns descendants, will know where they came from.

That decision made makes it easier for me to complete the book.

STOP Procrastinating, June. FINISH the book.





2 thoughts on “Book Writing or Procrastination?

    1. I never thought I would write a book. I am and with all the support I’m getting I just may finish it this time. I started with little Booklets for my nieces at Christmas time printed at the local Walmart or Walgreens. It is amazing how the idea expands.


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