NERGC Prep: What works and what doesn’

This is my first time blogging using my IPad Mini. My goal is to use it during this weeks New England Regional Genealogy Conference.

My cameras are charged, the backup batteries and battery packs are charged, the IPhone, the keyboard and my old laptop are also charged and ready to go. That is the good ponits.

I am unable to get my keyboard to work with my Ipad. I’m not sure why. I have used it in the past. The typing of this blog seems to be working with the touchpad and my wifi set. I am good to go even if the keyboad & booth tooth do not work with the IPad mini.

I used my IPhone for directions his past week to areas I am familiar with. it is also good to go. I printed out directions to my place to stay and the Rhode Island Conference Center just as back up.

I’m old fashion type of person who loves my maps when traveling. Maps are in the car, also. This is my attempt to come into the present day technology with GPS driving not directions.

Yes, GPS, has two meanings in the genealogy world. I will be using them both this weekend. The Genealogy Proof standard is always in the back of my mind when it comes to researching my family roots.

Look out NERGC here I come.  I have my list and I checked it thrice.

Equipment for blogging check

back charges check

clothes for four days check

vitamins and such check

personal hygiene check

phone numbers and contact information check

emergency medical information & insurance cards check

program plan reviewed and checked

I’m ready to leave bright and early Wednesday morning once the car is parked.

Look forward to upcoming blogs from a NERGC Volunteers point of view.


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