A to Z Challenge: G is for Goals and Gifts

#AtoZChallenge G is for Goals and Gifts

The In Deep with the Book of Me prompts by Julie Goucher of Anglers Rest

Day Lilly
Day Lilly: My Gift of Beauty for you

My goals for 2015 were:

A Positive Mental Attitude: Check

Listen to my body: Pace myself in all I do; Most of the time

Exercise in moderation: check

Make intelligent choices in my diet: 90% of the time

Make informed decisions: check

Improve my genealogy skills: check, ongoing

Accept what I cannot change with grace: most of the time

Spend more time with family: Virtually at least with Skype, visit planned for warmer weather, check

Encourage and support my family and friends in their choices: check, I may not always agree, but I will be there for them

Most of all Enjoy every moment life has to offer: CHECK, CHECK & CHECK

It looks like I made approachable New Year Goals. In staying with my goals, I have been given the GIFTS of LOVE and KNOWLEDGE.

Love of family and friends

Love of Genealogy

Love of History

Love of Self

Knowledge of new family members past and present

Knowledge of improved genealogy skills

Knowledge of history giving a sense of my ancestors lives

Let me introduce you to the “G’s” in my family tree. Say Hello to:

James Georg(e) 1637-1706, my 8th great grandfather through my father’s mothers paternal line

Samuel George 1665-____, James’ son

Hannah George 1694- ____, Samuel’s daughter

Robert Goodale 1604- 1682, my 10th great grandfather through my mother’s mothers maternal line

Isaac Goodale 1633-1679, Robert’s son

Isaac Goodale Jr 1670-1739, Isaac’s son

Abigail Goodale 1708-1770, daughter of Isaac Jr

Elizabeth Goodwin, my 8th great grandmother though my mother’s mothers maternal line

Ann Grant 1637-1718, my 7th great grandmother through my father’s fathers paternal side

Deborah Grant 1637-1666, my 8th great grandmother through my father’s fathers maternal line

Alice Gratham 1599-1646, my 10th great grandmother through my father’s mother’s maternal line


Sources supplied upon request.

The surnames are from my Ancestry.com Family Tree, “The Stearns Family Tree #59399431”


New Goal: How to you find your Public Ancestry Tree without logging in, so others can view it?


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