A-Z Challenge: B is for Bonding and Birthday Books

B is for Bonding
B is for Bonding and Birthday Books

The A-Z Challenge ( #AtoZchallenge ) I will be participating in was created by Julie Goucher of Anglers Rest. She has provided daily prompts for the month of April giving us Sundays off, totaling 26 days, the same number in the alphabet.

B is for Bonding and for Birthday Books.

Bonding in the genealogical world isn’t just for joining one family to another that is related. It is a special bond that family researchers and genealogists share. The challenge of the chase to find that long lost ancestor, the excitement when you find the proof they are yours and the Happy Dance when the connections are made.

We share it through our blogging, Hang outs on Air and in the Genealogy Conference we attend. While most people are watching what they call reality TV-Survivor, Big Brother or Amazing Race, we are watching Real TV about celebrities connecting with their ancestors- Finding Your Roots, Who Do You Think Your Are or Genealogy Roadshow. We can even bond with them, like I did when Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were linked as cousins from a common ancestor that is mine as well. They may never know I am a cousin, but that doesn’t matter. It is real people with real ancestors that matter.

Bonding through sharing your knowledge, supporting new comers to genealogy and learning improved methodology from the experts that is the ties that bind.

Wedding Day 1946
Eleanor & Scotty’s Wedding Day 1946


B is for Birthday Books.

My Aunt Eleanor started a birthday book when she first married in 1946. She shared it with me, allowing me to copy it. I was able to connect names with birthdays and photographs creating a perpetual Birthday Calendar, instead of a book, to give as a Christmas gift. I have been adding each new member through marriage or birth, noting the divorce of a marriage that didn’t survive today’s stresses and the deaths of beloved family members, as they made the final journey to their Heavenly Home.  I call the calendar my Special Day Journal. It includes birthdays, engagements, anniversaries and death dates.

Our lineage and genealogical documentation continues daily with the adding and subtracting of family members.


1. Butka, June (Stearns), Merrimack, New Hampshire. Interview by June Stearns Butka, 3 April 2015, transcript, Privately held by June Stearns Butka, Address for private use, Merrimack, New Hampshire.

2. Stearns-Butka Family Collection, Privately held by June Stearns Butka, Address for Private use, Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States, 2015

Photo rights reserved. Request permission from June Stearns Butka

Special Day Calendar
Special Day Calendar

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