#Wk5GenealogyDoOverBlog: Building a Research Toolbox

Genealogy Toolbox additions
Genealogy Toolbox additions

Week five of my Genealogy Do-Over was a slow one for me. Life decided to invade on my research time. That is okay. Thomas MacEntee reminds us that the do-over is to proceed at our own pace.

I have continued to add to my Genealogy Toolkit, both, online and with books. The photo above shows some of the new tools I have added. I’m excited to utilize the Google Earth to create video tours of where my ancestors lived. I know the younger children in the family will enjoy learning this way.

My IPad will be more efficient when I return to my research trips around the state. I will be link with my home computer and not have to take time to upload the information a second time.

Applied Genealogy book is not a new tool. It is a reminder to me to not forget what books I already have available on my bookshelf. Town Histories, history books in general and some published genealogies will aid in creating a full picture of my ancestors lives.

My online research is growing daily. I add website links to my new Excel research log.

The research log is still a challenge for me. I am learning how to add a column, add a line along with keeping track where I have researched the time, date and transcriptions. It is a slow process. I am improving with each use of the log.

I have been using the research log to do list to keep track of those BSO’s (Bright Shinny Objects) that keep tempting me. I add the link or a note to the “TO Do List” keeping myself on track.

Citations this week for me includes taking my handwritten source cards, from my previous research, entering them into the computer with the proper format. Yes, we are to put previous research aside. I feel by the sources are still valid for future inclusion of my ancestors.

I have completed (this will be ongoing as I find more information) my own basic profile with proper citation of birth, marriage, nursing licenses, residences and photographs. All cited and named properly in my database Research log.

I will leave my research on the log until it is time to add them to the Genealogy program I will use. I currently use FTM2014. I have Legacy 8.0. I haven’t decided which I will use for my final option or if I will enter them into both.


Here are my 5 W’s and How

Who: Me, June Lee Stearns Butka and my ancestors

What: My life in review

Where is: Find the supporting documents

Where in: Cite the location of those documents

When: Past and current residences, occupations, life happenings

Why: For future generations and to document my life and my ancestors

How: Slowly, carefully, citing, documenting each step of my ancestral journey


My plan:

  1. Continue improving my skills
  2. Follow the GPS Standards (Genealogy Proof Standard)
  3. Update research goals as needed
  4. Prepare for family interviews
  5. Continue scanning records and photos
  6. Track all my research
  7. Conduct my research one person at a time
  8. Continue to build my Genealogy Toolbox
  9. Properly cite my sources


A Thomas MacEntee GeneaBlogger Community
A Thomas MacEntee GeneaBlogger Community



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