Genealogy Do-Over: Having FUN with it
Thomas MacEntee GeneaBlogger

My preparation the past two days for Genealogy Do-Over included working with my new toy that was posted here a few days back. The Jumbl 126KPK Scanner. I was pleased with the photos scanned from negatives and slides. The photos scanned from the 8mm was easy to work with but the quality was very blurry. My husband reminded me that we are taking a snap shot of moving pictures (8 frames equals’ one picture.) The emotions came through but not clarity. I wish there had been a reel to add the film to as I was scanning the images. Overall a good purchase to aid in gathering those memories to fill in your genealogy research when you begin.

A Father's Love
A Father’s Love : 8mm Scan

A father’s love for his new born daughter and first child just exudes from this blurry photo. Circa 1978

Draftsman: Slide Scan

How people did drafting before computers came along. Circa 1978

Cross Country Meet
Cross Country Meet: Negative Scan

Cross Country Meet Manchester, New Hampshire. Circa 1994

These three photos will be used in telling the story of my family when I return to my research. I will have more than just the facts. I will have a taste of their lives to add to the “Story that is Us.”

Yesterday I spent my day preparing by watching Beginning Genealogy with Dear Myrtle and Cousin Russ, Webinar Wednesday with Geoff Rasmussen at Legacy Family Tree Webinars and Wacky Wednesday with Dear Myrtle on how to create a Blog Graphic.

Watching the Hangouts on air and Webinars follows along with my ongoing preparation and goal to continue my Education in Genealogy. Keeping myself up to date aids in streamlining the research process. The time spent watching comes back tenfold with organization and research knowledge learned from our genealogy family.

Beginning Genealogy Graphics
Beginning Genealogy Graphics

Beginning Genealogy with Dear Myrtle and Cousin Russ

Promo Graphics
Promo Graphics

Wacky Wednesday Promo Graphics: How does Ol’ Myrt design them.

Genealogy Gems Podcast
Genealogy Gems Podcast Graphics

Genealogy Gems podcast

Lisa Louise cook was the presenter for Legacy Family Tree Webinars providing us with her vast knowledge in IPad and Tablet use in genealogy.

Legacy Family Tree Graphics
Legacy Family Tree Graphics

Legacy Family Tree Webinars 

Geoff Rasmussen hosted Lisa Louise Cooke on Wednesday with “Genealogy on the Go with iPads and Tablets

I have provided links for the above presentations in hopes that you will take the time to watch them, maybe even learn more than I did. Even if you are not a beginner, one can always learn new things by the informal conversation during Dear Myrtle’s Hangout on Air. I know I did. You can even post your own two cents worth in her Genealogy Community under the presentation, so the newbies can learn from you.

First week goals:

  1. Set aside Previous Research
  2. Preparing to Research
  3. Establishing Practices and Guidelines

Goals met the past two days:

  1. Organization
  2. Education
  3. Stayed Focused
  4. Established some new Guidelines and Practices
  5. Resolved unexpected issues with as minimal stress as was possible
  6. Most importantly, I had FUN doing my genealogy Do-Over Preparations.


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