Genealogy Do-over: Better Safe than Sorry

I am blogging about one step I had taken in preparing for my Do-Over that I didn’t expect any problems to happen. I decided to check my FTM 2014 genealogy program making sure all updates were in order.
Thomas MacEntee: GeneaBlogger

If you have not used your genealogy program in a while, may I suggest you log in to it.

I have FTM 2014 that I sync with my Ancestry Tree. I did not use it in November or December (life happens.)  In that time FTM sent out an update and on 18 Dec 2014 Ancestry also made some changes. When I logged into it, I did the auto update. Proceeded to do the requested sync. I received the following error message.


Bottom line is after 2 days and the help from Russ Worthington from Family Tree Maker User Blog, Michael D Butka, my husband and Tyler H. from Ancestry, help my program is now functional. It wasn’t syncing properly until these gentlemen gave assistance.

In preparing for the Do-Over it is just as important to make sure your computer programs are functioning be it Genealogy, Evernote, Dropbox, Microsoft Word  or whatever program you prefer are. Make sure the updates are installed and working properly. It will save you time later. I’m glad that I did check my program even though I was not going to be doing any research until Thomas MacEntee suggested time.


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