Genealogy Do-Over: Day 4 Update

Thomas MacEntee

First week goals:

  1. Set aside Previous Research
  2. Preparing to Research
  3. Establishing Practices and Guidelines

This is day four of my Genealogy Do-Over. What have I achieved in four days is amazing.

DAY 1:

  1. Reviewed my Genealogy Do-Over: My Way, My Thoughts post from 29 Dec 2015. Posted those goals next to my computer. They will be posted on my Trifold stand when it arrives, to organize myself for when I continue to research.
  2. Pull some photos from the graduation and wedding file to my genealogy file for when I add the information to my genealogy program.

Day 2:

  1. Reviewed my posted goals. I will do this daily to keep my on track. This reminds me of what to look for as I organize my paper and digital files in preparation for research at a later date.
  2. In preparing for research I decided to do the required update my Family Tree Maker (FTM 2014) program. Ran into a few programs in that objective. Contacted the FTM 2014 go to person, Russ Worthington, after four hours of attempting to fix the problem, Russ determined it is a problem with my computer. He gave me the links to troubleshoot it. I will have my husband fix that problem on his scheduled day off.
  3. I’m sending out a SPECIAL Thank you toRuss Worthington, who spent four plus hours over Facebook message board trying to help me resolve a Family Tree Maker problem. His patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. He deserves to be known for his Extra care in helping those of us less knowledgeable. THANK YOU Very Much for your time and patience.
  4. Although I didn’t resolve the issue, the fact that it was found out now and not when I resume my research. Imagine not being able to add your research to you program.
  5. Please TAKE TIME TO REVIEW your genealogy programs, make sure all updates are functioning properly.

Day 3:

  1. Reviewed my DNA results on found some possible cousin lines.
  2. Printed out the Ancestry tree they came from
  3. Created my goals and focus questions to answer; who, what, where is, where in, and how.
  4. Sourced them
  5. Created two Digitals file for future research on Hannah Rolfe and Sarah Brocklebank
  6. Placed the paper print out in my Research Notebook for future research.
  7. I DID NOT research them at this time. A very difficult thing not to do, but it is part of my new Do-Over goal to Establish GOOD Genealogy Practices and Guidelines.

Day 4:

  1. Organizing digital files and photographs for future research
  2. Gathering Digital books to one location on my computer. Found a few I forgot I had.
  3. Organizing my non digital books keeping a list of what I have, so far no surprises there.
  4. Gathering my history books, not just my genealogy books and private papers, so I can tell the whole story of my ancestors.

I will continue preparing and organizing over the next thirteen weeks in hopes that I will be a more organized, focused researcher. Keeping in mind that the story is just as important as the facts.

Happy Preparing Everyone.

Some of my Digital Books
Some of my Digital Books

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