Welcome 2015 with Open Arms

I am Welcoming 2015 with open arms, mind and heart.

2015 Angel
2015 Angel

I awaken to a sunny, chilly 20 degree New Year day here in Merrimack, New Hampshire, with the hope I greet every morning since surviving my first episode of cancer years ago, that I will embrace all life has to offer to full measure.

I am Here.                           I am Loved.                                         I Love others with my whole heart.

My goals for 2015 are:

  1. A Positive Mental Attitude
  2. Listen to my body: Pace myself in all I do
  3. Exercise in moderation
  4. Make intelligent choices in my diet
  5. Make informed decisions
  6. Improve my genealogy skills
  7. Accept what I cannot change with grace
  8. Spend more time with family
  9. Encourage and support my family and friends in their choices
  10. Most of all Enjoy every moment life has to offer

Happy, Healthy New Year to all my family and friends!

Come sit and visit for a while…

Sit and Chat



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