Sutton Genealogy Collection: Asa Nelson Jr., Ens.

Asa Nelson Jr. Esn.
Asa Nelson Jr. Ens.



Sutton Genealogy, A Collection by Larry Bennett, Volume III O’Connell – Yongman, Sutton Historical Society


+ note attached                gs gravestone    # Sutton record

* notation                           nr no record

ID= and RN# are both used as Sutton Genealogy Collection Identification/Record numbers of the person


HUSBAND: Asa NELSON Jr., Ens. (RN=2928)

Born: 18 Dec 1787+                        Place: Sutton, NH+

Marr: 31 Jan 1811#                         Place: Sutton, NH#

Died: 11 Aug 1853 gs                        Place: Sutton Mills (NH) Cem.

Bur:                                                        Place:

HUSBAND’S                                                                        HUSBAND’S

Father: Asa NELSON Sr. (No RN)                                Mother: Abigail HARRIMAN (No RN)



WIFE: Elizabeth (a/k/a/ Eliza/Lizzie) WADLEIGH (RN=2929)

BORN: 18 June 1790#                     Place: Sutton, NH#

Died: 2 June 1875#                          Place: Sutton, NH#

Bur:                                                        Place: Sutton Mills (NH) Cem.

WIFE’S                                                                                  WIFE’S

FATHER: Thomas WADLEIGH Jr. (RN=2231)           MOTHER: Mariam ATWOOD (rn=5541)




  1. Belinda NELSON (RN=2930) 22 Jan 1812# Sutton, NH# 28 Feb 1875 Sutton, NH gs
  2. Abigail Harriman NELSON (RN=2931) 13 Oct 1813# Sutton, NH# m. 15 Sept 1833# Sutton, NH Eli P. TODD (RN=3263) died 31 Mar 1876+ New London, NH+
  3. Miriam Atwood NELSON (RN=2932) 6 May 1816# Sutton, NH# m. 6 May 1840# Sutton, NH Edmund J. RING (RN=2964) died 15 Mar 1881+ Bradford, NH#
  4. Marcus (called Mark) NELSON 21 Nov 1818# Sutton, NH# m. 12 Sept 1844*nr+ Lucy J. FIFIELD (RN=2939) died 29 May 1884+ New London, NH+
  5. Lucas NELSON 30 May 1821# Sutton, NH# m. 26 Mar Sarah Jane KENDRICK (RN=2940) died 1873# Sutton, NH#
  6. Jonathan Harvey (called Harvey)(RN=2935) 17 Nov 1823# Sutton, NH# m. 22 Oct 1850* nr+ Methitable S. ROGERS (RN=2942) died 5 Apr 1866* gs hrt
  7. Thomas Wadley NELSON (RN=2937) 10 July 1827# Sutton, NH# m. 25 Sept 1849# Hannah S. BURPEE Sutton, NH# died 14 Dec 1898# Sutton, NH#
  8. James Madison (called Madison) NELSON (RN=2936) 21 Sept 1829+ Sutton, NH+ m. 16 Mar 1854# Sutton, NH# Sarah A SIMONS (RN=2943) died 5 Aug 1897+ Endfield, NH+
  9. Asa Nelson III (RN=2938) 28 Feb 1832 Sutton, NH died 8 Jan 1833 Sutton, NH# gs
  10. Franklin (called Frank) NELSON (RN=2559) 11 June 1834*I Sutton, NH# m. 9 Sept 1857# Sutton, NH# Lydia Maria BAILEY (RN=2558) died 20 Feb 1875# Sutton, NH#

NOTE/SOURCES OF INFORMATION:                                        OTHER MARRIAGES:

H-1-Births of Children (except 10th child) verified by Asa Jr.’s Journal now at Harvey Homestead No. Sutton

W-1- Married by Elder W. Dodge#

  • School teacher*
  • Died unmarried
  • Year of death 1875 [no month or day]: AE63#

2-1- Married by Rev. Isaac Peaslee#

2-2- Gravestone states date of death as 22 Jan 1876

3-1- Married by Rev. David Moody#

4-1-Occ, Farmer

5-1-PVT Co I 1st N.E. Vol. Cav.; enl. 19 Oct ’61: disch. Disab. 30 Sep ’64 Brattleboro VT

5-2-Died at Soldiers Home Togus ME.

5-3- Other marriages Sarah C. HARDY (RN=2941)

7- Other marriages: Angeline R. JOHNSON (RN=2945)

8-1-Occ. Farmer

8-2-Accidental death on railroad+

9-1-Birth and Death info from father’s Journal now at Harvey Homestead, No. Sutton, NH

9-2-Gravestone states age at death to be 10 months 8 days

10-1-Occ. Clergyman#; called Elder*

Asa Nelson Jr. Ens Notes
Asa Nelson Jr. Ens Notes

4 thoughts on “Sutton Genealogy Collection: Asa Nelson Jr., Ens.

    1. The list of sources at the bottom list it: H-1-Births of Children (except 10th child) verified by Asa Jr.’s Journal now at Harvey Homestead North Sutton, New Hampshire. It is the Muster Field Farm Farm · North Sutton Address: Harvey Rd, North Sutton, NH 03260 Phone:(603) 927-4276

      I hope this helps, cousin of mine, it would seem.


      1. I checked with Muster Farm and was told they didn’t have the journal, any ideas where it might be? Do you have a copy?
        Thanks much!


  1. This is a transcription from the Larry Bennett Collection. If the Farm and the Historical Society doesn’t know where the diary is we are both out of Luck. How are you related to Asa


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