Sutton Historical Society Research Trip

Popular School House
Popular School House

I had the opportunity to visit the Sutton Historical Society last week. Don Davis offered some great information about Sutton and my family. He even shared photographs he had on his laptop from a schoolhouse presentation he had done. He was unable to find the one with my mother. He did find this photo of my Aunt Carrie (Lulu Carrie Stearns Perkins). This was soon after she and Uncle Wilson (John Wilson Perkins) purchased the schoolhouse as a private residence.

He told me about his wife’s Uncle, Frank Gallagher, living next door to my grandmother, Irene Place Pease. My grandmother’s house was on Roby Rd, Sutton, New Hampshire. The photo below of the house was taken winter of 1952 by my mother Shirley Pease Stearns.

Roby Road, Sutton, New Hampshire
Roby Road, Sutton, New Hampshire

Over the next several months I will be posting transcribed pages from the Sutton Genealogy Collection by Larry Bennett. There were no sources with this book. What sources that might be available are on old floppy disk or a computer that is not compatible to the new software available to the Society at this time. Don Davis felt confident is the information provided by Larry Bennett.

I am choosing to post the information for others to use as a “STARTING” place for research. I plan of confirming the information from others sources whenever possible.

The identification numbers or Records numbers listed will be noted. Some people do not have an ID# attached to them.

The photos of the pages I have from my most recent trip are of poor quality, but readable. My goal is to return to the Sutton Historical Society, photograph or scan the four volume set of Sutton Genealogy to share with you.

Stay posted.


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