Blimey, Where did I put those records: Part 6 “Out of the Box” Collections

Genealogy Source Checklist

Research This
Research This


Today’s blog will list records associated with “Out of the Box” Collections. These are ones that you wouldn’t think of normally, at least I didn’t, until I started organizing what documents I had in my collections. So, think “out of the box” for different types of papers, applications, or groups you have participated in over your life time, your parents lifetime and all the way back to your first documented ancestor. Were you a Rainbow girl, DeMolay boy, Eastern Star Mom, Grand Mason Dad, Girl Scout, Boy Scout, Guide, or maybe even a Bluebird? These are just a few of the group record types to look for. You might find applications, project records, minute notes, and service to community notes or photographs of the groups.

Remember spelling didn’t matter in the beginning.  I have created a list that we should look for in our ancestral search. You will find mention of record types from earlier post listed here. It is a reminder to search multiple locations for your records.  Use the list as a guideline. You may even find or think of records that I haven’t. Add them to your list. Happy Family Researching.


“Out of the Box” Collections

The King’s Daughters                                                                     4-H

Rainbow Girls                                                                                    DeMolay Boys

Eastern Stars                                                                                      Masons

Girl Scouts                                                                                           Boy Scouts

Girl Guides                                                                                          Boy Guides

Bluebirds                                                                                             Friends of the Rodeo

Fellowship of Christian Cowboys                                               Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)

Sons of the American Revolution (SAR)                                 Sons of the Confederacy (SCV)

Blue Star Moms                                                                                                Gold Star Moms

Work Progress Administration (WPA)                                     Jewish Internment Camps

Italian Internment Camps                                                            German Internment Camps

Native American Reservations                                                   Historical Person’s Diary/Journal

Oral History Projects                                                                       Biographies of Famous or infamous Person

Biographies of Local Hero’s                                                          Biography of…

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)                                             Political Memorabilia

Tories                                                                                                    Whig Party

Republican Party                                                                             Democratic party

Independent Party                                                                         Tea party

Libertarian Party                                                                               Democratic-Republican Party

Constitution Party                                                                           Communist Party

National Socialist Party                                                                  Peace and Freedom Party

Federalist Party                                                                                Toleration Party

Liberty Party                                                                                      Sons of Liberty


I am sure there are many more political parties since the beginning of our nation that I probably haven’t heard of. Think “outside the box” for your ancestors locality or country. You will be surprised what papers or photographs you might find. I know I was. I found notations or news articles in my family records and letters to “The King’s Daughters,” WPA, and CCC. I even saw WPA as an occupation on a 1940 US Census record for one of my ancestors. Mine your records, Google those initials, you may be surprised what it stands for. It may not be for a person but for a group they once belonged to. That is how I found some of my ancestor’s life stories. THINK OUT OF THE BOX!


I know that there are what some call “Special Collections” (i.e., The Draper Papers) that are given to local libraries, historical societies or achieves, go find them.



Thank you to all genealogist and family researchers for your time and research. I have compiled this list from what records I have encountered in my own research, listening to podcast, webinars; reading blogs. I wish I could thank everyone individually. In my earlier years of research I did not always document who suggested a record group source. Going forward in my research, I will make every effort to identify and credit who provided the lead.


American Revolutionary War Flags
American Revolutionary War Flags

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