Blimey, Where did I put those records: Part 4

Genealogy Checklist

Research This
Research This

Today’s blog will list records associated with Newspaper. Keep in mind over that not every town, city, providence had newspapers. Look in surrounding towns, counties, states, regional areas and even counties that border where they lived. Boundaries change even in this day and age. They may have church bulletins, postings, or calling cards.  Remember spelling didn’t matter in the beginning.  I have created a list of articles or postings that we should look for in our ancestral search. Use the list as a guideline. You may even find or think of records that I haven’t. Add them to your list. Happy Family Researching.



Newspapers Articles, Church Bulletins, Calling Cards, Pamphlets or Booklets


Newspaper clippings of any life event:

Birth                                                                      Engagement                                                      Marriage

Death                                                                    Family reunion                                                  Surname family reunion

Adoption Notice                                               Divorce notice                                                   Obituaries

Anniversary                                                        Milestones                                                         Biographies

Family Tales/Stories                                        Foreclosures                                                      Bankruptcies

Home Selling                                                      Home Buying                                                     Gossip Columns

Business Advertisements                             Society Pages                                                    Court Notices

Auctions                                                              Yard Sale notices                                              Probate Notices

Medical Breakthroughs                                 Local News                                                         Criminal Convictions

Ship passenger arrival list                             Ship Passenger Departure list                     Graduation Notices

Military Acceptance notices                        Military Honors                                                 Honor Roll Notices

College Acceptance notices                         Cancer Walk/Run Participants                    Scholarships Walk/Run

AIDS Walk/Run                                                 Diabetes Walk/Run                                         Heart Walk/Run

Any Sponsored Walk/Run                            Girl Scout Events                                              Boy Scout Events

4-H Events                                                          Local Fair Events                                               Old Home Day



I mention medical breakthroughs because your ancestor could have been the person who developed it. Maybe even on of the first to participate or have the procedure discussed.  I know one of my ancestor’s had a skin drafting done in the early years. So look for those Medical journals as well as the newspaper articles.


So, how does one source themselves?

I will create an interview citation. I hope I meet the criteria that I learned these past few months while participating in Dear Myrtle’s Study Group 2 based on Dr. Thomas W. Jones book, Master Genealogical Proof.





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