Blimey, Where did I put those records Part 3

Research This
Research This

Genealogy Checklist

Today’s blog will list records associated with Vital Records. Keep in mind over the years that not every state, territory or colony kept records; especially in the forming years of our nation. If you ancestors were from Canada, those records my even be kept across the pond in the United Kingdom. Needs have changed, terms have changed, and spelling didn’t matter in the beginning.  I have created a list of record/document types we should look for in our ancestral search. Use the list as a guideline. You may even find or think of records that I haven’t. Add them to your list. Here is a link to Where to Write for Vital Records: . You can also print or save a PDF from this website with the instructions and cost. Happy Family Researching.


Vital Records


Birth Certificates (town)

State level                                                           County Level

Marriage Certificates (town)

State level                                                           County level

Death Certificates (town)

State level                                                           County level

Delayed Birth Records

Marriage Records

Marriage Bonds                                  Marriage applications

Marriage intentions                     Marriage Licenses

Adoption papers

Divorce Records

Divorce certificate                               Church Records of Divorce Degree

Medical Records

Any Church record of a “Life Event:” Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Divorce or Death. I mention this here under Vital Records because in the founding of our countries that may be the only place, other than the Family Bible, that you will find this information.  If your ancestor was a traveling minister or deacon, you may want to see if they is a journal or log book of his travels.


I mention Medical Records under Vital Records as a reminder to look for them. They are often over looked. The information they provide can alert us to potential health issues that are inherited. My motto is “Fore warned is Fore Armed.”

Medical Records: Midwife notices, Midwife journal/dairies, Doctors birth/death notes, Doctors journals

These records can provide information into your ancestor’s occupation, the people in their community and surrounding areas they served.

If your living relatives have health concerns, maybe they would be willing to share that information with you. Write it up as an interview for future generations to view.  Some may not be comfortable sharing, that is okay. Interview yourself of the knowledge you have. It provides a clue that there may be records for our descendants to look for. This is only my opinion. The information can prevent or at least alert family members of potential health problems. Today’s medicine knowledge can assist in providing care and possibly prevention.


I’m not sure where to find our Native American ancestors Vital Record information. If someone would like to share their knowledge I would love to hear from you.



  1. “National Center for Health Statistics,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Where to Write for Vital Records., accessed 7May 2014, links to each state.

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