Blimey, Where did I put those records: Part 2

Research This
Research This


Today’s blog will list records associated with schooling of children and young adults. Keep in mind over the years educational needs have changed, terms have change, and discipline approaches have change.  I have created a list of record/document types we should look for in our ancestral search. Use the list as a guideline. You may even find or think of records that I haven’t. Add them to your list. Happy Family Researching.


School Records


School photos                                                   School activity photos                                    School Awards/Merits

Report cards                                                      Progress notes                                                  Grade school Records

High School Records                                       School societies/groups                                                Trade school records

Apprenticeships                                               Internships                                                         Private School records

College/University Records                         Military Schools                                                Finishing Schools

Theology Institutions                                     State Schools                                                     Reform Schools

Women’s Academy                                        Prep Schools                                                      Junior College

Religious Schools                                              Common Schools                                             Montessori Schools

Specialist Schools                                             Summer School                                                Sports Camp

Theatrical Schools                                            Music Schools                                                    Boarding Schools

Minority Schools                                              Schools for the Deaf                                       Schools for the Blind

Cooperative Schools                                       Post Graduate School                                    Minority Schools

School Annual Repots                                    School Directories                                            School Annuals

School Reunions Reports                              School Play Programs                                     School Paper

School Clubs                                                       Attendance Reports                                         Class Officer

Graduation cards (K, 8th, HS, College)      Class photos                                                       Club photos


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