Blimey, Where did I put that record?

Research This
Research This


Genealogy records are ongoing, confusing and scattered all over my house. They are difficult to find. So why I’m I writing this blog instead of looking for them?


Bottom line what records should I look for and where do I file them. Keep and file everything you can that proves you once and still live on this earth.

I recently watched  Get Organized Using the Family Roots Organizer Color-Coding System by Mary Hill presented by Legacy Family Tree Webinars. I also was a panelist for Mastering Genealogical Proof Study Group 2 with Dear Myrtle based on Dr Thomas W. Jones book of the same named.  D. Jones stresses the importance of a exhaustive and through research, Genealogical Proof Standard number one, which I have blog about previously. Participating in these Webinars made me think about how will I know what I have researched and where did I put what I found.


So I made  decision. I am going to write up a checklist or set of checklists that I can use to aid in my organizing my research. Today’s checklist is all about the Personal Records I have in my home. I plan to do checklist for each genealogical file type I can think of that will include where to look when appropriate. These checklist will provide me at a glance view of where I still need to continue my research. You may borrow my checklist if you wish. Maybe it will assist you in being a little more organized to help meet Mastering Genealogical Proof Standard #1: A Through and Exhaustive Search. Don’t forget to check back. I will update my list as things come to mind.



Personal Sources

Family Bible                                                        Oral History/Interviews                                 Baby books

Baby announcements                                    Wedding announcement                             Wedding guest book

Anniversary guest books                              Dairies/Journals                                                                Income Tax returns

Property tax records                                      Family correspondence                                Funeral Program/Cards

Death announcements                                 Scrapbooks                                                         Photo albums

Credit statements                                           Discharge papers/military/hospital          Social Security Cards

Magazine subscriptions                                Citizenship papers                                           Naturalization papers

Employment records                                      Union Cards                                                       Library Cards

Newspaper articles clipped                         Probate Records/Wills/Estate                    Land/property Deeds

Drivers license/Non Drivers license ID    Motor Vehicle Registration                          Adoption Records

Birth Records                                                     Baptismal records                                            School report cards

Confirmation records                                     Graduation diploma                                        Business papers

Needlepoint                                                      Family Artwork                                                 Family crafts

Completed family trees                                Conflict resolution notes                              Pedigree charts

Research file notes                                         Divorce papers                                                  Restraint orders

Birth certificates                                               Marriage Certificates                                      Death Certificates

Life insurance policies                                    Homeowners/Renters Insurance             Automobile insurance

Fire/Flood insurance                                      Motorcycle insurance                                    Health insurance cards

Society registration papers                          Calendar journals                                             Cards/Letter received

Emails saved                                                      Genealogy files given to…                              Text messages saved

Misc. Family records



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5 thoughts on “Blimey, Where did I put that record?

    1. I will probably add as well. I forgot to add honors to the list; Military, school, scouts, 4-H, sports, etc. I was creating the list from what documents and records I have. My goal is to help me remember to search for them with each ancestor I meet. Tomorrows post will be about schools records


  1. Wow June! Just meandered from here to your recipe section and suddenly had a flash of my mother’s spiced peaches which led me to a flood of recollection. Just wrote a whole page and a half about the contents of our basement which included a vinegar barrel, my dad’s workbench, the old wringer washer, the locked gun cabinet, the shelves of home made canned goods and other items! Thanks for your inspiration!


    1. Your Welcome. I will have to read what you wrote. Your basement sound very much like our barn. We even tap the Maple trees in the spring to make our own maple syrup and maple sugar candy. One little word or random sentence just triggers those memories.


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