What’s for Lunch?

What is a person to do with Stale Italian Bread

Stale Italian Bread

Two Tablespoons of Tahini Spread

Tahini Spread

Four lonely Cherry Tomatoes

Lonely Cherry Tomatoes

1/3 cup of Grated Cheese

Grated Cheese

And a solo Sweet Yellow Pepper

Italian Bread Pizza

You make a Pizza, of Course.

Nothing goes to waste if I can help it.

This may not be a typical genealogy post; I know if I was a descendant and I found one of my ancestors recipes that showed creativity, thriftiness and something I could try. I would be doing the Happy Dance.

What would you do?

Here is my citation for future generations.

Recipes created by June Stearns Butka on 7 march 2014 to utilize what was found in her refrigerator when deciding what to have for lunch.

Her residence at the time was the Historical Reeds Ferry District, Merrimack, New Hampshire.


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