Traceable Thursday: Andrew Jackson visits New Hampshire

Andrew Jackson Visits New Hampshire
Andrew Jackson Visits New Hampshire

Andrew Jackson’s Visit

Just north of this point, on the

boundary between Bow and Concord

a large cavalcade of enthusiastic

citizens met President Jackson and

escorted him to New Hampshire’s

Capital. His official reception by

the State Government on the

following day, June 29, 1833, marked

the conclusion of a triumphal

 New England tour.

I was surprised that when I “Google” Andrew Jackson’s visit to New Hampshire, I received mainly links to the historical marker about his visit. There was a link to a well written article about his visit to Lowell, Massachusetts. I finally found a small tidbit on the visit in a book from the Federal Writer’s Project called “New Hampshire: A guide to the Granite State,” on page 463 regarding the chapter titled Tour 15 from Concord to Fitzburgh.  It seems that Hillsbourgh Historical Band was invited to play for President Jackson in Concord, New Hampshire. They enthusiastically traveled by wagons to Concord.

The book reads: “They traveled by wagons to Concord, gay in their uniforms of gray coats with bell buttons, black leather caps with plumes, and white pants. Reaching Concord at night, they struck up a lively tune and awoke General Pierce, who stormed and raved because they had disturbed his guest. President Jackson then laughed and invited them to a feast.”

I post this in honor of the 180th anniversary of President Andrew Jackson’s visit to New Hampshire on this coming Saturday 29 June 2013.


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