Felicity Friday: Celebration of 1642


Pinkerton Academy Derry, New Hampshire

Pinkerton Academy
Derry, New Hampshire

Graduations and 1642: What do they have in Common?

You may not think there would be any graduations as early as 1642 in the Bay Colony: you would be mistaken. Those brave travelers that crossed the “pond,” known as the Atlantic Ocean,”  in 1634 ordered the braking of ground for the “College at Newtowne” now known as Harvard.  They wanted well educated ministers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Harvard was started even before the primary schools were built. Colonist continued to teach their younger children at home.  Here are a few of the requirements needed to enter the “College at Newtowne” in the 1640’s: you must speak/read Latin, be well versed in the Bible and have a minister sponsor.  Check out my Where in the State is Mom blog post regarding my own Reflections on Graduations.



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