Tombstone Tuesday: The Traveling Deacon, Jonathan Nelson

The Traveling Deacon Jonathan Nelson
The Traveling Deacon
Jonathan Nelson

Deacon Jonathan Nelson

 In memory of Dea (n)

Jonathan Nelson

Who died June 18

1801 aged 77 years


Jonathan was the son of Joseph and Hannah Brocklebank Nelson of Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts. He was born 27 Jul 1723 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts. He was christened 17 May 1724 ByfieldChurch, Byfield, Essex, Massachusetts. Byfield Parish was part of Newbury and Georgetown. This Byfield Parish Church Burial grounds mentions several surnames connected to the Nelson family. I have not investigated the names at this time. I followed Jonathans’ line that tends to lead to my grand mother, Lillian Nelson Stearns.  The information I have is based on the book “History of Sutton” by Erastus Wadleigh, Esq. and A. H. Worthen page 829 – 832 and various links found at . Until recently I would state those sources as the truth. I plan now to confirm again each person mentioned in last weeks posting of Hannah Nelson, her and Jonathans children and marriage information with the new program called Evidentia .


My claims to link Jonathan and Hannah as ancestors to my grandmother, Lillian are as follows:


  1. Lillian was born and died in Sutton, Merrimack, New Hampshire (birth and death certificates, oral history, buried MillwoodCemetery, Sutton)
  2. Her parents William Frank Nelson and Clara Jane Chase resided in Sutton after their marriage. (marriage record, census records, oral history, birth record of William Frank Nelson, William buried MillwoodCemetery, Sutton)
  3. Her grandparents, Benjamin P Nelson and  Elinor Babb resided in Sutton (census record, marriage records, the name Elinor was given to Lillian’s’ daughter, oral history, and Benjamin P. Nelson birth log, buried Millwood Cemetery, Sutton)
  4. Her great grandparents, William Nelson and Patty/Polly/Patsy Teel/Teal resided in Sutton (census records, death records, town history, birth log of William Nelson)
  5. Her great – great grandparents, Philip Nelson and Hannah Quimby ( census records, marriage log, town history, buried in the Old Sutton Burial ground next to Jonathan and Hannah Nelson)


Given the above information I strongly believe these are my ancestors. I will input my information into the Evidentia program; follow up on the questions asked to confirm my claims; travel to concord, New Hampshire Vital Statistics office for copies of birth and death records that I do not have. Until that time I will claim the traveling Deacon as my g-g-g-g- grandfather. The History of Sutton records on page 830 that Jonathan would travel to neighboring parishes to provide church sermon when needed. This was a common practice to meet the needs of community during the early years of New Hampshire growth. I have much to do in confirming Jonathan link to Sutton, as a traveling deacon, and as a family member.


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