Military Honor Roll Monday: Amherst, New Hampshire Part II

Honor Roll Monday Amherst, Hillsborough, New Hampshire

A Proud Solider watches over AmherstVillage

Solider Monument watching over Amherst Village Green
Solider Monument watching over Amherst Village Green

 This solider monument is overlooking the Amherst Village town common a section of Amherst, New Hampshire. He proudly displays the names of Amherst residents who have served in the armed forces for this picturesque colonial town.

Citizen Soldiers 1861 - 1865
Citizen Soldiers 1861 – 1865

Front View

In Honor of our Citizen Soldiers 1861 – 1865

Wm. W. Sawtelle,        2nd Reg. N.H.V.

James W. Patterson,     “    “       “

Fifield H. Messer,          “    “       “

Henry S. Ober,             4th   “      “

Thomas L. Gilpatrick,  “    “      “

Charles H. Phelps,        5th   “      “

Edward Vose,              “     “      “

John L. Kendall,           “     “      “

Charles A. Damon,       “     “      “

William Few,                7th    “     “

Edwin Benden,             8th     “      “

Joseph F. Johnson,        “     “      “

Albert Noyes,               “     “     “

Charles A. B. Halls,      9th  Reg. N.H.V.

James Blanchard,          10th  “     “

Samuel Corliss, “     “      “

George G. Sloan,          “     “      “

Eli S. Cutterson,           “    “    “

Robert Gray,                 “     “   “

George A. McCluer,     “     “   “

George A. Pedrick,      “     “   “

John N. Mace,             “     “   “

Lyman B. Sawtelle,       “     “   “

Martin P. Weston, 1stRegN.H. Heavy Artillery

Frank H. Holt, 47th Pen

Erected 1871 By the Town of Amherst aided by a legacy from Aaron Lawrence Esq.

Spanish American War 1898 Vietnam War 1961 - 1973
Spanish American War 1898
Vietnam War 1961 – 1973

Right View

 To honor Amherst Veterans

Spanish American War 1898

H. W. Marshall

Vietnam War 1961 – 1973


Leonard T. Adams

Richard G. Adams

Raymond Ainsworth

Edward J. Alberts

Stanley P. Anderson

Edwin A. Arnold

Charles A. Barry

Ralph E. Bartlett

Kenneth L. Bratt, Jr.

Richard F. Bratt

Gerald M. Browning

Shepard C. Buchanan

Todd E. Cannaday

Paul H. Currier

Duane A. Curtis

Charles F. Dreyer

Rainer M. Drygala

Bruce K. Eastman

Tyrone L. Forbes

Carl M. Fraser

Carl J. Gauthier

Mark L. Gauthier

Barry B. Hammond

Sterling D. Hammond

Peter T. Hansen

Wayne L. Hare

Gordon D. Hart

Douglas M. Heaton

Paul R. Heinemann

James A. Hillsgrove, Sr.

Charles K. Holt

Oliver D. Holt

Curry C. Lashua

Alan D. Ledoux

Peter A. Ledoux

Andre H. Lepine

Lionel H. Levesque

Robert M. MacLeod

Robin D. Mangold

William D. Martel

George S. Masten

Patrick E. N. McCreary

Benjamin F. McLaughlin

Stephen E. Mogavero

Peter H. Moulton

Donald S. Parker

Warren H. Parkhurst

J. Justin Pestana, Jr.

George S. Pratt

Bertrand B. Roberge, Jr.

Stephen W. Schuster

Monty L. Smith

Wayne G. Smith

Richard A. Stickney

Roger A. Tardiff

Michael G. Taylor

Michael E. Theroux

Peter C. Thurston

Fredrick M. Vatcher

Richard P. Verville

Norman W. Worcester

Curtis R. Worthen, Jr.

Historical Society of Amherst, N. H.


Mexican Boarder Conflict  1916 - 1917 Korean War 195 - 1953
Mexican Boarder Conflict 1916 – 1917
Korean War 195 – 1953

 Back View

 To Honor Amherst Veterans

World War II 1941 -1945

Royal L. Anderson, Jr. (The letter is very faint for the middle initial. I believe it is an L)

Richard A. Arnold

Allbert H. Austin, Jr.

Allbon M. Austin

Robert P. Balch

Leon A. Baribeau

John S. Bartlett

Ralph E. Bartlett

Frank C. Bates

Robert G. Benson

Arthur H. Bills

George W. Bliss

Robert C. Boardman

Arthur H. Bonney, Jr.

*Russell A. Bradford

Harry B. Carter, Jr.

Richard A. Caswell

Arthur G. Charron, Jr.

Maynard H. Charron

Howard W. Converse

Ralph J. Cox

Richard S. Crocker

William J. Cummings

Philip J. Currier

Prescott H. Currier

Henry A. Davis

Robert C. Davis

Justin P. Dean

Vernice E. Dean

Duane W. Decker

Clarence G. Douglas

Edmund M. Duguie

Francis G. Duval

Donald J. Fallon

Wesley F. Fields

Everett M. Fletcher

Charles E. Folsom

James S. Frost

William Goodale

Donald C. Grant

George C. Grassett, Jr.

Kenneth W. Grassett

Ross E. Hall

William V. C. Hall

Robert H. Hancock

Clarence A. Hanson

Bernard N. Harding

Wilbur J. Hare

Aarne C. Heino

Andrew E. Heinonen

Philip d. Holmes

George H. Howard

Albert E. Ingram

Raymond L. Jolly

George W. Kimball

Frank E. Kirby

Randolph L. Kruger

Theodore B. Lamprey

Gladys A. Lees

Armas R. Liljeberg

John Liljeberg

Edwin F. Locke

Howard R. Locke, Jr.

Francis M. Loiselle

*Frank E. Long

Harold C. Long

Howard E. Long

Donald R. MacArthur

Thomas H. Malone

Charles E. Martin

Frank A. Martin

Vernola W. McCullough

Carl S. Merrill

Hibbert V. Miles

*Lewis A. Miles

Earle W. Miller

Otto K. Neugebauer

Ernest E. Nichols

Lawrence E. Nichols

Lawrence R. Nichols

David F. O’Connell, Jr.

Ralph H. O’Dell

John E. Olson

Willard H. Parker

Ralph L. Patch

Harry M. Peach

Kenneth W. Peach

Ernest S. Perkins

Ernest E. Phinney

Harold P. Pratt, Jr.

Robert A. Raymond

Wolffe Roberts

Raymond L. Roby

Robert L. Roy

Charles H. Salisbury

Perley M. Signor, Jr.

Marco Silveri

Asbury Small, Jr.

Philip O. Smith

Marjorie A. Spillman

Roman C. Stanley

Joseph O. Stevens

Sidney E. Stirk

Donald M. Stockwell

*Bruce C. Sullivan

William J. Tibbetts

Arnold W. Tucker

Earl R. Tucker

David E. Tuttle

William H. Tuttle, Jr.

Roger L. Underwood

Theodore A. Underwood

Llyod M. Van Lunen

Samuel B. Warren

Wallace F. Warren

Earl H. Wescom

Gladys M. Weston

Robert T. Weston

Leroy O. Wheeler

John R. Wilson

Willis H. Wilson

Charles M. Woollett

Benjamin F. Worcester

Edson C. Worcester

Glendon E. Wyles

Donald O. Young

Maurice E. Young

*Killed in action

Historical Society of Amherst, NH


World War II 1941 - 1945
World War II 1941 – 1945


Left View

To honor Amherst Veterans

Mexican Border Conflict 1916 – 1917

Leskie C. Adams

Paul G. Blandin

Elmer E. Hodgman

Robert T. Weston

Korean War 1950 – 1953

Roger F. Ajam

Ralph E. Bartlett

Richard C. Bathalon

Roger D. Bathalon

Orson H. Bragdon, Jr.

Maynard H. Charron

William W. Clough

Richard. G. Crocker

Robert A. Davis

Horace E. Dean, Jr.

Vernice E. Dean

Edgar J. Duval

Francis G. Duval

Harry L. Duval

Allen R. Ferretti

Neiland Gagnon

Hercules G. Georgelis

John A. Gore

Vernon L. Gray

Normand Hall

Eugene A. Harding

William H. Harding

George E. Hartshorn

William H. Hauser

Robert W. Hayward

Frederick V. Howard, Jr.

George S. Howard

Stanley B. Hubley

Harold G. Keck

Frank E, Kirby

Robert H. Kruger

Robert BLemery, Jr.

Armas R. Liljeberg

John Liljeberg

William P. Long

Donald Mack

George S. Masten

Mary L. Masten

Chester B. McGrath

Gordon R. Morse

Stacey A. Murray

Edwin S. parker

J. Justin Pestana, Jr.

Albert H. Pixley

Emil C. Radekoff

Frank A. Reid

Robert L. Roy

Asbury Small, Jr.

Robert C. Stewart

Charles W. Stickney

Marshall D. Strickland

R. David Swain

Jesse E. Trow, Jr.

Earl H. Wescom

Arvid R. B. Wilson

Carl A. Wilson

Historical Society of Amherst, N. H.


I have made every attempt to transcribe the names correctly. Please notify me with any corrections.


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